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Killed by Science was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.



  • Man's body - Alexandre Loissac. In his 30s. Nicely dressed. A gaping hole pierces completely through his chest from front to back. He has a surprised expression on his face.
  • Solar Cannon - The famous Solar Cannon of the Palais-Royal. Smoke is still wafting from its barrel. At the base of its pedestal, the name of the inventor and manufacturer is engraved: Robert Rousseau, Clockmaker, 12 Galerie de Valois, Palais-Royal.
  • Bouquet - A charming bouquet of fresh flowers.
  • Personal letter - Appears to have been dropped by the victim.
"Dear Alexandre, it is with great joy and excitement that I accept your invitation to meet on the 13 Thermidor at noon exactly near the famous cannon in the Palais-Royal."
On the letter is the recipient's address: 7 rue de la Monnoie
  • Statement of Olympe - Olympe ("lady of the evening"): Tells me I should speak to the veteran who loads the cannon every morning, Sergeant Saint-Bris. He is to be found in the Café Février in the Palays-Royal.
  • Statement of La Grouille - La Grouille (vagabond): Always in the park. Saw someone interfering with the solar cannon in the night. Whoever he saw, limped.
  • Statement of Gilbert Duchamps - Gilbert Duchamps (bystander): Comes to park every day to set his watch. Saw victim killed by cannon. Noticed that cannon usually oriented in different direction.
  • Statement of Arianne - Arianne (friend of victim): She had a rendez-vous with the victim. Arrived precisely at noon. The cannon fired, killing him instantly.

Café Février

  • Box of cartridges - A box of military grade blank cartridges.
  • Statement of Saint-Bris - Saint-Bris (veteran): Loads the solar cannon each morning with blanks. Veteran of Corsican Campaign.
  • Statement of café customer - Guy Langin (café customer): Comes here often. Saw Saint-Bris talking to someone he recognized from his army days. Didn't know name, but believes the man became a scientist at the Collège de Quatre Nations.
  • Statement of café server - Server at café: Day exactly like any other with exception of limping veteran who had coffee with Saint-Bris. Seemed like old friends.


  • Statement of Robert Rousseau - Robert Rousseau (inventor): Invented the solar cannon. Did not seem very upset by the killing. Uses a cane.


  • Scientific apparatus - Beakers, scales, thermometers, distillation supplies, various compounds, etc.
  • Competition handbill
Scientific Competition.
The Academy of Sciences announces a patriotic competition.
The winner shall be that chemist who demonstrates a workable method of increasing the stability of explosive powders.
The winning method will be used in service of the valorous Armies of the Republic!
Entrants must apply to Prefect-Citizen Jugnot at the Collège des Quatre Nations.
The winner to be announced the 18th of Vendémiaire, Year II.
  • Vials - A container of silver rocks marked "Elemental Potassium".
  • Barrels - Several barrels labeled "Water" directly above the table.
  • Laboratory notes - The front cover is inscribed, "Gaspard Monge". The book is full of scribbled formulas. At the bottom of one page is written, "I believe I have the answer! The prize shall certainly be mine."
  • Cracked window - The large pane has a crack of huge concentric circles. At the center is an embedded military-grade projectile while appears to have been fired from the gardens below. However, it failed to completely pierce the window.

Victim's house

  • Competition handbill
Scientific Competition.
The Academy of Sciences announces a patriotic competition.
The winner shall be that chemist who demonstrates a workable method of increasing the stability of explosive powders.
The winning method will be used in service of the valorous Armies of the Republic!
Entrants must apply to Prefect-Citizen Jugnot at the Collège des Quatre Nations.
The winner to be announced the 18th of Vendémiaire, Year II.
  • Letter from victim's friend
"... I suggest a romantic lunch in the Palais-Royal. A daytime tête-à-tête is always fresh and invigorating. Meet her at the park just as the solar cannon is to fire! That would surely be an excitng start to any rendez-vous.
— Jean-Claude"
  • Letter from victim's friend
"I admonish you, dear son, it is no virtua to simply proceed as if all will be well. Unless we all work behind the scenes as best we can, the monarchy will never be reinstated and the entire country will drift into fractious civil wars.
— Your loving father"
  • Threatening letter
"Just remember, Alexandre, that if I were ever to discover or even suspect that you are seeing someone else, I would not take it well. Be warned, then, my love for is that strong.
— Pauline"
  • Statement of Honorine Sagne - Honorine Sagne (neighbor to victim): Can't understand it. The victim was a pleasant man.


  • List of competitors - Official contenders for the gunpowder formula competition:
    Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier, 13 rue de Lappe.
    Gaspard Monge, Comte de Perude, 21 Galerie de Montpensier, Palais-Royal.
    Colonel Charles Louis Ludre de Frolois, 48 avenue de Lutece.
    Robert Rousseau, 3 Galerie de Valois, Palais-Royal.
  • Statement of Citizen-Prefect Jugnot - Citizen Jugnot (overseer of scientific contest): All entrants to contest have been set.
  • Statement of Colonel Ludre de Frolois - Colonel Charles Ludre de Frolois: Refused to speak with me. Uses a cane to walk.
  • Statement of Frolois' secretary - Hyppolyte Aujames (secretary to Ludre de Frolois): Claims Frolois is a veteran of the Corsican campaign. Claims Frolois is an expert in chemistry and ballistics.



  • Arianne (friend of victim): Who would do such a thing? Oh, my poor Alexandre! We had a rendez-vous. I arrived at the stroke of noon and that cannon suddenly fired! He was instantly killed. As far as I know, he hadn't an enemy in the world!
  • Gilbert Duchamps (daily visitor to park): I come by everyday to set my pocket-watch. I saw the young man waiting over there, holding a bouquet of flowers. Then BAM! Very upsetting as you can imagine... I did notice one thing, the cannon usually points in a different direction.
  • La Grouille (vagabond): Last night I did manage to wake up and I swear I saw somebody fiddling with the cannon! Then he limped away. A cripple, I guess. Then I conked out.
  • Olympe ("lady of the evening"): Hey, good-lookin. Oh, the murder? I feel sorry for the poor guy, but heh! It was a real show! Pretty much blew a giant hole in him! You know who you should talk to? Sergeant Saint-Bris. He's the veteran loads that cannon every morning. Check Café Fevrier, table by the window.

Café Février

  • Guy Langin (frequent customer): I come here quite often. I was here this morning, in fact. It's the only time I've seen someone sitting with the sergeant over there. As it happens, I think I know the man from my army days. Don't recall the name, but I believe he became a scientist of some sort. He may actually work at the Collège de Quatre Nations.
  • Café server (At the Café Février): Dammit, I missed the whole thing!... No, otherwise today pretty much like any other. Unless you count the old colonel who came limping in this morning. Had a coffee with the sergeant. They seemed like old pals.
  • Sergeant Saint-Bris (semi-retired veteran): I am Sergeant Saint-Bris, veteran of the Corsican Campaign, and I don't take kindly to jokes, young man! It is my honor and duty to load that damn solar contraption every damn morning. I load it with scraps of paper. Paper! Couldn't hurt a child. Today was a day like any other. Now, leave me alone.


  • Robert Roussea (Clock-maker and inventor): I heard the shot and all the screaming. I'm the inventor of that cannon, you know. Quite ingenious, I think. Unfortunate business, the killing, but it will bring attention to my invention!

Victim's house

  • Honorine Sagne (neighbor): I've just heard. Poor man. I can't understand it, he was such a pleasant fellow.


  • Institute Clerk (Overseer of chemistry competition): Good morning, citizen! I'm afraid that we cannot accept any more entries into the contest. However, you can still make a monetary pledge to the revolutionary cause! Just sign here.
  • Colonel Charles Ludre de Frolois (Chemist and military veteran): My time is much too important to answer impertinent questions. Address yourself to my aide de camp.
  • Secretary (Aide to Colonel Frolois): Whoever you are, take care to speak to citizen de Frolois with the greatest respect. He is a veteran of the Corsican campaign, and his military prowess is only matched by his scientific expertise in chemistry, and ballistics.


The killer was Colonel Charles Ludre de Frolois, a military veteran and competitor in the gunpowder formula competition.

Case Summary
In an effort to improve the manufacture of gunpowder needed by the Revolutionary Army, the Academy of Sciences began a competition. Gaspard Monge is the favorite to win it. Colonel Frolois, jealous if his competitor Monge, reunites with an old army camarade, Sergeant Saint-Bris, who loads the solar cannon daily. Frolois has realized that Monge's laboratory looks out over the Palais Royal gardens, and has discerned that Monge has dangerously stored casks of water directly above his vials of elemental potassium. Frolois, as an ex-soldier, knows his ammunition, and he swaps a live round for the blank that Saint-Bris normally uses. He then limps to the solar cannon in the dead of night and aims it at his rival's laboratory window. When the cannon goes off, the live round will pierce the window, knock the water onto the potassium, and the resulting explosion will permanently disrupt Monge's experiments. However, Frolois did not anticipate an innocent passer-by, Alexandre Loissac, arriving directly in front of the cannon for his noontime rendezvous. Alas, Alexandre was killed and the projectile, slowed by its journey through Alexandre's chest, failed to pierce Monge's window. Clever scheme foiled and innocent man killed.


  • An error in Guy Langin's dialogue causes him to first identify the man he saw with Sergeant Saint-Bris as Colonel de Frolois, and then claim he does not remember de Frolois' name.
  • This is the only "Murder Mystery" that turns out to be an accident.


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