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"Khnum-Khufwy, son of Sneferu and Queen Hetepheres I. Bringer of light, saffron robed beloved of the golden orb and the silver sun."
―Inscription on Khufu's tomb[src]
ACO Khufu's Tomb

Khufu's tomb chamber in his pyramid

Khufu (died 2566 BCE), also known as Khnum-Khufu or Cheops, was a pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt. Born to the pharaoh Sneferu and Hetepheres I, he ordered the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza atop an Isu vault, and was later buried inside it.[1]

During his reign, he also ordered an offering of a thousand loaves of bread, a hundred jars of beer, one ox and two balls of incense to the deceased pharaoh Djoser, as well as one cake, one jug of beer, a large portion of meat and one ball of incense to the chief lector priest for his learning.

Many centuries later in 48 BCE, Khufu's tomb was explored by the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, who deciphered an Old Kingdom stele in his chamber.




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