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Khopesh Sword

The Khopesh Sword was the iconic khopesh of the infantry in the Ptolemaic Egyptian military.


Although generically named, the Khopesh Sword was a specific type of khopesh based on Canaanite variants of the weapon. Its blade was notably darker in color compared to other sickle-swords, notwithstanding that its edges were not as keenly fashioned. Instead, the blade was thickened around the edges, given it a rimmed appearance that implied greater hacking yet lesser cutting power. Aside from this, it also possessed a much wider guard than conventional khopeshes.


The design of the Khopesh Sword was adapted from one that originated in Canaan. It later became the standard weapon of the Ptolemaic infantry though its service with the Egyptian military may have predated this by centuries; the Battle of Gibeon Blade employed by the infantry of Shoshenq I, founder of the Twenty-second Dynasty, appeared to have been based on the Khopesh Sword in turn.

Weapon Statistics

Rarity Quality (Max Level 55) Damage (Max Level 55) Attributes Availability
Common 116 522 Bleeding on Hit III Blacksmith, Loot




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