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Khenut's Villa was the residence of Khenut and Hotephres, as well as their daughter Shadya in Euhemeria, Egypt, during the 1st century BCE.

Around 48 BCE, Hotephres stole a ledger containing delicate information about the Order of the Ancients from a Greek magistrate. In order to keep the ledger safe, he gave it to his wife for safekeeping. Khenut further gave the ledger to their most trusted servant to hide in the villa, and the servant did so.[1]

Following the theft of the ledger, the member of the Order in Faiyum, the Crocodile, gave orders for soldiers to trash Hotephres' bureau in Soknopaiou Nesos, harass his wife, and seek out the ledger no matter what. Over the course, the soldiers thrashed the alms kitchen Khenut worked at, and also seized Khenut's villa, as well as the servant.[1]

Khenut and Hotephres didn't return to the villa, after everything, instead staying at Hotephres' farm in Philadelphia.[2]



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