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Khenut (born c. 90s BCE) was the Egyptian wife of Hotephres, an informant of Apollodorus with whom he investigated the mysterious Order of the Ancients. Khenut lived in a villa in Euhemeria, with her and Hotephres' daughter, Shadya.


Assisting the Medjay

Around 48 BCE, Hotephres sent the Medjay Bayek of Siwa to recover a stolen ledger that contained information about the true identity of the Crocodile, which he gave to his wife to hide. Bayek travelled to Euhemeria, where he met Khenut and Shadya at the alms kitchen that Khenut ran. Bayek gave Shadya a doll from Hotephres as Khenut informed him she had asked a most trusted servant to hide the ledger in their villa, and that the Ptolemies' forces that were raiding the place at that moment would never find it.

Origins Quest16TheCocrodile'sScales Part07

Khenut suffering a terrible loss.

She then tasked Shadya to lead Bayek to the villa. While Bayek was there, though, soldiers came to take both Khenut and Shadya to the lighthouse of Euhemeria, on orders of the Crocodile. Khenut argued with the soldiers and the Crocodile, who responded by tying rocks to Shadya's feet and submerging the girl in Lake Moeris. They left a devastated Khenut to cry on the pier, and Bayek found her there. Following her gaze, he also found Shadya's body, though too late to do anything but bring it to surface.[1]

Liberation of Faiyum

After Shadya's death, Hotephres and Khenut moved to a farm in Philadelphia. There, Khenut and Hotephres built a small shrine for their daughter, where Khenut would stand and mourn, unable to overcome her loss. Sometime after the assassination of the Crocodile, revealed to be Berenike, Bayek visited Hotephres at the farm. Hotephres told Bayek of Khenut's situation. The two visited Khenut at the shrine, where they caught sight of a Ptolemaic captain extorting grain from a villager. Khenut, having overheard the conversation, confronted the captain, warning him that extorting would violate several Egyptian laws. Bayek followed the captain and heard him threaten Khenut's life, so he eliminated the captain, recovering a badge which belonged to Fort Boubastos. Returning to the shrine, Bayek helped Khenut and Hotephres by conducting a Siwan ritual, which ultimately helped them both to overcome their grief.[2]

Having recovered, Khenut and Hotephres began making plans to free the region from Fort Boubastos' commander. To this end, Khenut contacted a group of rebels in Uab Nome for assistance against Fort Boubastos. Khenut then met with Bayek back at the farm, bringing him to meet the rebels based near a small dam. The rebels explained they were unable to help them, due to their leader being captured and held captive at the dam. Khenut introduced Bayek to the rebels, stating that he would be able to help the rebels free their leader. With the rebel leader freed, Bayek attacked the fort with their assistance, eliminating the captain. Afterwards, outside the fort, Bayek met with Khenut and Hotephres, who thanked him for his efforts. Before leaving, Khenut informed Bayek that Shadya had liked him from the beginning, and stated that he would always have a home in the Faiyum.[3]




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