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Khalid was an Egyptian resident of Alexandria during the reign of Cleopatra.


Khalid was a loyal follower of the cat-goddess Bastet; as such, he took to protecting the cats in the city. During the Roman occupation of the city sometime after 47 BCE, Khalid came upon the sight of a Roman soldier abusing a cat and killing another. Enraged at the abuse, Khalid killed the soldier and dumped his body in a nearby haystack, while bringing the injured cat to safety.[1]

Khalid was later visited by the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, who had followed the trail after investigating the scene. Bayek informed Khalid that his actions almost instigated a riot in the city, encouraging him to leave the city for his own safety and visit the temple of Bastet in Bubastis so that he could serve his goddess better. Eliminating numerous Roman soldiers along the way, Khalid was escorted by Bayek and several cats to the west gate of Alexandria, thus assuring his safety.[1]


  • Khalid is a name meaning 'immortal, eternal', derived from the Arabic word خلد (khalada), which means 'to last forever'.[2]



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