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"Those who desecrated your bed chamber shall not enter the reed fields."
―Votive amulet in the tomb of Khafre.[src]

A statute of King Khafre

Khafre, also called Khafra or Chephren, was the fourth pharaoh of the fourth Dynasty of Egypt.

Khafre was the son of the pharaoh Khufu and his queen, Khamerernebty I. He constructed the Pyramid of Khafre at Giza, where he was buried around the year 2570 BCE, after having reigned for about 26 years. He was succeeded by his son Menkaure, who was married to his sister and Khafre's daughter, Khamerernebty II.


  • Although the pyramid building age of Egypt would survive Khafre by a millennium, his monumental pyramid at Giza would prove to be the last time the pharaohs would build a pyramid like the great pyramid of his father. Later generations ultimately favoured smaller pyramids before eventually rejecting solid stone construction altogether in favour of stone faced, mud brick pyramids such as that of Amenemhat III.
  • The seated statue of Khafre found in-game closely resembles surviving statues of Khafre that depict the king with his arms resting on his knees, his right hand clenched while wearing a wide wedge shaped false beard and an otherwise plain nemes headdress with pleated lappets that lacks a prominent uraeus.




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