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Keys to Happiness? was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra returned to Bryce outside the Petrified Temple, having retrieved the key and a spear.


Kassandra returned to Bryce at the entrance to the Petrified Temple with what she needed.

(Mercenary fought, Heavy is the Spear completed)

  • Kassandra: The Mercenary knew nothing. He never made it inside the lair.
  • Bryce: Then it was a waste of time! Ligeia waits, and we've done nothing to help her!
  • Kassandra: Not exactly—the Mercenary carried this spear, which he claims killed the Writhing Dread.
  • Bryce: No, no, the Creature took Ligeia! It can't be dead—it awaits in its lair, even now!
  • Kassandra: Then there may be a piece of this puzzle we don't yet understand.

(Mercenary spoken to, but not fought)

  • Kassandra: I found the Mercenary. Just another man obsessed with his spear.

Bryce snorted and rolled her eyes.

  • Bryce: Aren't they all?

Bryce asked what he knew.

  • Bryce: Well? What else did the Mercenary know? How do we get inside to save Ligeia and kill the Creature?
  • Kassandra: I didn't question him very thoroughly. ...Or take his spear.

Kassandra rubbed the back of her head.

  • Bryce: Then who knows what vital clue you may have missed?!
  • Kassandra: It might be worth returning to see what he knows...

Whether Kassandra spoke to the mercenary or not, Bryce asked if she found the key.

  • Bryce: Have you found a way inside the lair?
  • Kassandra: Ligeia's story was true. The Daughters of Artemis were protecting this... Disk... Key? This—

Kassandra held out the disk, struggled to describe it, then gave up with a sigh. She returned it to her pack.

  • Kassandra: I have what opens the lair.

('Heavy is the Spear' complete)

  • Bryce: And... You didn't hurt any of the Daughters when you took it?

  • Kassandra: They didn't hear me or my blades... but they felt them, Bryce.
  • Bryce: Why?! Why would you—
  • Kassandra: This disk is a prized possession—if I hadn't killed them, I never would have made it out alive, and Ligeia would be lost.
  • Bryce: I—I suppose you did what you had to. Ligeia's worth any price.

  • Kassandra: There was no need for violence. The Daughters of Artemis didn't even know I was there.
  • Bryce: Then Tyche truly is on our side. Ligeia still stands a chance.

('Heavy is the Spear' not complete)

  • Bryce: Then what are you waiting for? Use the disk! Open the door!

  • Kassandra: There's no time for the Mercenary. Whatever he knows/ we'll find out ourselves. We're opening that door, now.
  • Bryce: You have Ligeia's heart, Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: ...No. I'm not walking in there without talking to the Mercenary first. He might know something we could use.
  • Bryce: He might know how not to be a coward! Kassandra, Ligeia needs us now! Open the door. Open it!

Bryce fumed as Kassandra left once again.

When Kassandra returned, Bryce was still furious.

  • Bryce: The cowardly misthios! What terribly important items might you need now, before you keep your promise to save my lover?
Repeat of dialogue options from A Slithery Plea

  • Bryce: Did you find anything, coward?
  • Kassandra: I found the Mercenary's spear. He says it was made for the slaying of mythical beasts.
  • Bryce: Then let the slaying begin.


Kassandra gathered what she needed to enter the Petrified Temple.


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