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The Kerke's Commander (died 48 BCE) was a Greek man working under the pharaoh Ptolemy XIII during the 1st century BCE.

At some point, the Commander had a daughter, but she died.[1]

Years prior to 48 BCE, the Commander came to govern the village of Kerke, and wanted a cut of the profits of their honey and opium trade. However, the villagers, including their leader, Meritmaat resisted this; in order to get them to obey him, the Commander kidnapped Meritmaat's daughter, and promised to kill her unless Meritmaat got her people to behave.[1]

However, unlike what Meritmaat believed, the Commander spared the girl's life and raised her as his own in Memphis, telling her that she had been abandoned as a child.[1]

In 48 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa hunted down the Commander to his Memphis home, and killed him, learning the truth of what had happened to Meritmaat's daughter.[1]



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