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Barnabas: "The seas are treacherous around Keos. We should be careful."
Herodotos: "What? Charybdis and Skylla await at the bottom of the sea, I suppose?"
Barnabas: "No. Pirates. A lot of them."
Herodotos: "Huh. Only pirates?"
Barnabas and Herodotos approaching Keos[src]

The island of Keos

Keos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, located between the Attika peninsula and the island of Delos. Together with Lestris and Seriphos, Keos formed the Pirate Islands.

During the 5th century BCE, the main livelihood for the island's inhabitants was fishing.[1]


Apollo, the Greek god of the sun and music, was deemed the island's protector. A temple dedicated to him was located within the Akropolis of Karthaia on the eastern shore of the island, and therein were recorded the public laws.[2]

In addition to this, Aphrodite was especially venerated on the island, as she was believed to oversee all civic matters, and protect the local magistrates' positions. A shrine dedicated to her was located at the tip of jut of land on the eastern shore of the island.[3]


Around the time of the Peloponnesian War, the main city of the island, Koressia, was assaulted by pirates who burned the city down and claimed it. After establishing a presence on the island, the pirates discovered that the population was drastically dwindling due to a shortage of food. To rectify this crisis, they went to the extremes of forcing all inhabitants older than sixty to commit suicide by drinking concoctions of deadly hemlock. While this ensured the survival of the rest of the population, it left behind a foul stench of death in the island's interior.[1]

The acting Athenian leader of the Pirate Islands was driven from his home in Poiessa Village. He took refuge in the Koressia Fort down the western shore of the island, while Xenia, called the 'pirate queen', took up residence in Koressia's Temple of Athena Nedousia.[4]

Clashes between the pirates and the soldiers were constant on the streets of Koressia. Additionally, lions and Wild boars attempted to raid the town, but were deflected, the same as the soldiers.[4]

The family of Aetios also hailed from Keos, having grown most influential in their trade.[5]


The island of Keos was made up of four regions:




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