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Kenthap was an Egyptian girl in Euhemeria's marketplace, in Faiyum, during the 1st century BCE.

Birds had made their nests on top of the stall Kenthap ran in the Valley Market with her mother, and they were said to sell "Siwan treasures", taken from the Temple of Amun itself. This drew the attention of the Siwan Medjay Bayek, and he decided to investigate.[1]

As Bayek had thought, the 'treasures' at the stall were fakes, and Kenthap admitted as much, though she kept insisting that they were real, since she "made them all" herself. After some banter, Kenthap suggested to Bayek she'd take him back to her camp, where she said she'd have more valuable artifacts.[1]

When they approached the campsite, though, they head Kenthap's mother scream, and found out that bandits had attacked her. Bayek rescued her, and received Imitation Siwan Khopesh from her as a thank you.[1]



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