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"I've never met a soldier as cunning as a Maroon. It's no mistake he's been harder to defeat than the weak who came before him."
―Antó to Edward Kenway, on Abraham's formidable nature, 1716.[src]

Kenneth Abraham (1675 – 1716) was an officer of the British Army, and a member of the West Indies Rite of the Templar Order. He was tasked with eliminating the Assassins in Kingston and their bureau leader, Antó, who collaborated with the pirate Edward Kenway in retaliation.



Abraham was born to an upper-class family in England in 1675. He was enrolled in boarding school at the age of five, and learned to fight for himself at an early age as a result. Upon graduation, he entered the British Army and rose up the ranks, culminating in him earning the title of Commander.[1]

Due to his near obsession with order and discipline, it was not long before he was recruited into the Templar Order. He was further drawn in by the power extending beyond his military title, and soon became a trusted member. From 1705 and on, he ascended its ranks as quickly as he did in his military career by devoting himself to the promotion of order and peace.[1]

He had the constant urge to rid the world of all unpredictable and disorderly elements, making him a very effective earner in the Templar Order. In 1715, he was tasked in the elimination of the Maroon Assassins, a faction of the Assassin Order based in Kingston, Jamaica, and their leader Antó. Abraham was also a slave trader, and when finding Maroon Assassins he would re-enter them into the slave trade instead of outright killing them.[2]

Confrontation with Antó and death

In 1716, pirate Edward Kenway met with Maroon Assassin leader Antó in Kingston. He was initially tasked with releasing Maroons who were once more captured and forced into slavery, though he soon earned Antó's trust and was entrusted with the job of assassinating Abraham.[2]

The pair tailed a group of soldiers to a banquet in upper Kingston, where a large group of Templars were gathering for a feast. After killing every single other Templar in the area, Edward found Abraham consorting with the guests, leaving him out in the open for a killing blow. With his dying breath, Abraham asked Antó how it was that his meager warriors were able to stand up to his well-equipped forces. As Abraham expired, Antó told him that he lacked the conviction to win. His assassination diminished the Templars' efforts to eliminate the Maroon Assassins to nothingness.[2]


  • Kenneth is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Cainnech or Coinneach, derived from the word caoin, meaning "handsome".
  • In the Animus database, Abraham appeared to be wearing the clothes of the Commander.
  • The Animus database lists Abraham's date of death as 1715, which is incorrect considering Edward only found out about him and the Templar key he carried in March 1716.
  • Kenneth is the only target of a Templar Hunt who is not an Animi Avatar as well.




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