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This article contains content from pre-release sources that may or may not be reflective of canon upon release. This article therefore likely contains spoilers.

"I have seen a crown on a cleaning basin. There it was. I stole it. Ran with it. Hid it. Now maggots feast on it, I am certain. Let them rule Old Albion."
―Kendall to Eivor, 870s.[src]-[m]

Kendall, also known as Blood Brewer (died 870s) was a Zealot of the Order of the Ancients who operated in England during the 9th century.


Nothing is known about Kendall's early life. At some point, she made a name for herself as a fighter of a particularly vicious nature. She earned the nickname of 'Blood Brewer' on account of the many throats she had slit, which were said to be enough to fill vats with blood. Kendall was known to be a wily and quick adversary and quickly became one of the Order's favorites, getting the most important targets assigned to her.[1]

In her rounds, Kendall patrolled the area between Ravensburg, Black Peak and Walden in Grantebridgescire. It was during one such patrol that she was hunted down and killed by the Viking Eivor, who was allied with the Hidden Ones.[1]


  • Like other Zealots, Kendall had unique fighting techniques and weapons in her arsenal. Upon Eivor's instigation, Kendall was equipped with an unbreakable shield, attacked with throwing spears, and defended herself with smoke bombs.
  • Kendall was also one of few female Zealots of the Order, along Eorforwine and Wuffa.