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Keep the Faith was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


After recovering the remain steles, Kassandra returned to Eppie to solve the Mycenaen mystery once and for all.


Kassandra returned to Eppie in the tomb behind the Cave of the Oracle.

  • Kassandra: I've found the final stele pieces. All of the armor has been found as well.
  • Eppie: I can hardly contain myself. This will be life-changing, hero! Primordial gods, worth, inner vision! What can it all mean?
  • Kassandra: We'll know soon enough, when you finish translating.
  • Eppie: Yes! You're right. The stele needs to be assembled. Come!

They returned to the wall of text.

  • Eppie: This is the cusp of a great discovery. Will the gods speak to us? What will I say to them? What will they say to me? Does it matter?
  • Kassandra: Perhaps when you read it...
  • Eppie: Yes, yes! Hmm... Only those who possess inner vision, a gift of the primordial gods, will be deemed wortht to wield power of the Great Dipsioi. Dipsioi? What do you make of that?

The text of the glow started to glow, seemingly only visible to Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: I am amazed.
  • Eppie: I don't understand. There's no change that I see. It's the same place as when we first arrived.

Eppie started walking away.

  • Kassandra: Look around you.
  • Eppie: I see nothing. What do you see?

  • Kassandra: Nothing's happening. It's only dust in my eyes.
  • Eppie: Really? We are a pair, aren't we? I feel ashamed to think that I was hoping for more. Knowledge is reward enough.
  • Kassandra: That's the idea.
  • Eppie: At least I have this discovery. But you, misthios, all you have it the armor.
  • Kassandra: It's good armor. You know, Eppie? I think maybe you should continue on your journey.
  • Eppie: Should I? Hmm. Well, there are other clues to follow.

  • Kassandra: I would like you to join my crew.
  • Eppie: Really! Will it require swimming? Because you know I can't swim. And what about horses? I don't think my backside can take it.
  • Kassandra: We'll figure something out.

  • Kassandra: The room has come to life. The gods are speaking to us.
  • Eppie: How can that be? Why can't I see any of this? Why should the gods not present themselves to me?
  • Kassandra: I promise you, I have no idea.
  • Eppie: Is it because I'm not worthy? Do you have inner vision? It isn't fair.
  • Kassandra: Eppie, you have the tomb. And there will be other discoveries.
  • Eppie: Enough. Just leave me. Can you please leave?

Kassandra walked away.

  • Eppie: I don't understand.

  • Kassandra: This isn't meant for you.
  • Eppie: Who are you to decide?
  • Kassandra: It isn't my decision. But I know that neither of us can know what the gods want with us.
  • Eppie: I have value, too!
  • Kassandra: Calm yourself. I have no control over this. You have your discovery. That should satisfy you.
  • Eppie: Why not me? It isn't fair.

Kassandra walked away.


Kassandra and Eppie deciphered the Mycenaean steles, revealing a text which could only be seen with a special vision. Kassandra also gained the ancient armor for her own.


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