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A monument depicting the twins in Sparta

Kastor and Polydeukes, alternatively Castor and Pollux, were legendary twins in Greco-Roman mythology, known together as the Dioskouroi.

According to the myth, they were both born at the same time by Leda, though they had different fathers; Polydeukes was fathered by Zeus, Kastor by Leda's husband, the King of Sparta Tyndareus. They were also said to have been born on Mount Taygetos, though Amyklai Farm was regarded as their home.[1]

By the Peloponnesian War an altar dedicated to the twins had been raised in the Forest of Eurotas in Lakonia, Greece, and they were central to the Spartan rituals, especially those preceding the beginning of a military campaign.[1]


  • In Greek, they were known as Διόσκουροι (Dióskouroi) meaning 'the youths of Zeus'. In Latin, this became Dioscuri. Colloquially, this has come to mean an inseparable couple.
  • In some stories, the Dioskouroi are counted among the Argonauts.
  • The mythical Helen is mentioned as a sister to the pair, and even as their twin.



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