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"Humanity's fate will be decided by the choices you make."
Pythagoras, to Kassandra[src]

Kassandra (458 or 453 BCE – 2018 CE), also known as the Eagle Bearer, West Wind, or Keeper, was a Spartan mercenary who fought during the Peloponnesian War.

During her travels as a mercenary, Kassandra came into conflict with the secretive Cult of Kosmos, an organization intent on controlling the entire Greek world. She later opposed the Order of the Ancients, who sought to hunt her down, due in part to her nature as a Tainted One, and also for her allying herself with Darius. For her opposition against the Cult and the Order, Kassandra is considered one of the early precursors to the Assassin Brotherhood.[3]

She was the older half-sister of Alexios and, through her mother, Myrrine, the granddaughter of King Leonidas I of Sparta. Although raised by her step-father, Nikolaos, Kassandra was the biological daughter of Pythagoras. She was also the mother of Elpidios, an ancestor of Aya, one of the co-founders of the Hidden Ones.


Early life


Kassandra: "Sparta. All I remember is the bottom of Mount Taygetos."
Myrrine: "When I brought you to the Pythia as a baby, she never said we would live a nightmare. She said you had such promise."
Kassandra: "The Pythia can't predict everything."
—Kassandra discussing her childhood with Myrrine, 429 BCE.[src]-[m]
Kassandra was born in Sparta to Myrrine , the daughter of the late King Leonidas I and the philosopher Pythagoras,[4] whose lifespan was extended due to the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus he possessed. Shortly after her birth, her father departed from Sparta on a quest to learn more about the Isu and the staff he possessed. As such, Myrrine was left to raise Kassandra alone. As a baby, Myrrine brought Kassandra to the acting Pythia, who proclaimed that the child showed a lot of promise.[5] At one point, Myrrine later met and married the Spartan general Nikolaos who, despite Kassandra not being his own flesh and blood, raised her as one of his own. Kassandra would later gain a younger brother, Alexios.[6]
ACOD Memories Awoken Kassandra Myrrine Spear

Kassandra given the Spear of Leonidas by her mother

Owing to her lineage as being a granddaughter of Leonidas, great hopes were placed upon her to live up to the strength and valor of Leonidas.[6] As such Kassandra was trained to fight at a young age by Nikolaos.[7] While training in the woods near Sparta as a child, Kassandra was presented with the broken Spear of Leonidas, an Isu weapon, as an heirloom by her mother. Afterward, Kassandra wouldn't let go of the spear, even in her sleep, telling her parents that she needed it "to fight the monsters in [her] dreams."[8] Kassandra also participated in the agoge, learning there about various things, including the Gortyn Code.[9]

Exile From Sparta

When Kassandra was seven,[10] the Pythia Praxithea[11] at Sanctuary of Delphi prophesied at the decree of the Cult of Kosmos that Kassandra's younger brother, the baby Alexios, would bring about the fall of Sparta. In order to prevent this, Alexios was to be sacrificed at Mount Taygetos, despite Myrrine's pleas for Nikolaos to stop it. As a priest was about to drop Alexios, Kassandra attempted to stop the sacrifice but instead pushed the priest and Alexios to their apparent deaths. Kassandra was condemned as a traitor to Sparta by the ephors, who urged Nikolaos to execute her immediately.[12]

ACOD Nikolaos Drop Kassandra

Nikolaos dropping Kassandra to her seemingly death

Nikolaos, being adherent to Spartan law, reluctantly complied and held Kassandra by her hand and dropped her down the mountain despite pleas from Myrrine. However, Kassandra survived the fall and escaped to the beach with the spear. Refusing to be found by the Spartans, Kassandra fled out to the open sea in a boat, with an eagle following her. A storm later turned Kassandra's boat overboard and she woke up on the beaches of Kephallonia. There, she was greeted by Markos, who took her under his wing and tasked her to do errands for him.[6]

Life as a misthios

As the years went by, Kassandra continued performing errands for Markos, occasionally helping him to settle debts that he owed. When she was a little girl, Kassandra cut the fingers off a bully who threw a rock at Ikaros. As she was being beaten by the boy's brothers, Kassandra was saved by a neighbor girl, Anais.[13] The two became close friends and were noted troublemakers on the island. Kassandra was greatly affected when Anais had to leave Kephallonia.[14]

When she got older, Kassandra forged a career as a mercenary under the tutelage of such men as Photios[15] and Heitor,[16] and acquired misthios as her nickname on the island. At some point, she and Markos took an Athenian orphan, Phoibe, as part of their 'family'. [citation needed]

Kassandra set up home within the Ancient Ruins of Kranioi on the western coast of Kephallonia, far from other people. She worked from there, and habitually clashed with thugs and bandits working for the Cyclops, a bandit leader who sought to rule the island.[17]

ACOD So It Begins 5

Kassandra suffers a nosebleed

In 431 BCE, Kassandra was confronted once again by the Cyclops' thugs who gave her a bruised nose. After taking care of them, Phoibe stopped by, telling her that Markos requested to meet her at his newly-bought vineyard. Coming across Markos in his new vineyard, Kassandra expressed her disbelief at his purchase of the vineyard even though he still owed her drachmae. Calming her with the promise of more, he directed her to collect from Duris, a merchant in Sami who owed Markos drachmae. In exchange for helping Markos to collect his debt, Kassandra convinced him to give her a horse, which she named Phobos.[17]

ACOD Debt Collector - Kassandra Checking Phoibe

Kassandra rescuing Phoibe

Before Kassandra could depart, she and Markos were stopped by Euterpe, a farmer who informed them that Phoibe had been kidnapped by the Cyclops' thugs and was being held at Ktimene Beach. Making her way to the beach, Kassandra stealthily dealt with the thugs and freed Phoibe. Assured that Phoibe was alright, Kassandra then traveled to Sami to locate Duris and collect her debt. In doing so, she discovered that Markos had bought his vineyard with money he borrowed from the Cyclops. Once Duris had been dealt with, Kassandra returned to Markos at the Temple of Zeus, speaking to one of Cyclops' thugs. As Markos and Kassandra devised a plan to deal with the Cyclops, Drucilla, the town's bowyer, confronted Markos about her stolen lumber shipment. Kassandra later helped Drucilla to deal with her stolen lumber problem[18] in exchange for having her bow fixed.[6]

Odyssey through Greece

Working for Elpenor

Afterward Kassandra returned to Markos, who then laid out his plan to repay the Cyclops by stealing his obsidian eye. Kassandra infiltrated the Cyclops' estate and stole the eye. Upon returning to Markos, he insisted she hold onto the eye before telling her that a group of bandits had arrived on Kephallonia. He believed the bandits were there to work with the Cyclops and suggested Kassandra deal with them.[19] Kassandra then went to an abandoned house the bandits were squatting in and killed them all. To her surprise, the last bandit was executed by their real employer, a man named Elpenor of Kirrha.[20] Furthermore, Elpenor stated he was looking for Kassandra and hired her to recover Penelope's shroud from Ithaka. Subsequently, after Kassandra recovered the item, Elpenor hired her to assassinate a Spartan general nicknamed the Wolf in Megaris.[21]

The Big Break - Leaving Kephallonia - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Kassandra and Barnabas before the Adrestia

Requiring a ship to reach Megaris, Kassandra learned from the shipmaster Telemenes that the Cyclops had a ship and had returned to Kephallonia. Thus she confronted him in Kleptous Bay, interrupting him torturing a one-eyed man. After mocking the Cyclops by sticking his obsidian eye up a goat's backside and then killing him, Kassandra rescued Barnabas, captain of the Adrestia, who agreed to transport her to Megaris. After bidding farewell to Markos and Phoibe, who gave her Chara her wooden eagle, Kassandra informed Barnabas of her contract and was surprised to learn that the Wolf was none other than her father, Nikolaos.[12]

The Wolf of Sparta - Kassandras choice - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Kassandra about to kill Nikolaos

Arriving in Megaris, Kassandra met Stentor, the adoptive son of Nikolaos. As she asked to met the general, Stentor hired her as a mercenary to fight the Athenians in the region due to the Peloponnesian War.[22] After defeating the Athenian army, Kassandra became know as the "misthios with the broken spear". She confronted Nikolaos alone but decided to spare his life. Regretting to have thrown Kassandra as a child, Nikolaos decided to quit the Spartan army and revealed to Kassandra that he wasn't her father. Before leaving, he tasked Kassandra to find her mother for more answers.[23]

Arriving in Kirrha, Kassandra met Elpenor and showed him Nikolaos helmet to prove she accomplished her mission. As the discussion went wrong, Elpenor fled while his guards attacked Kassandra. As she survived, she decided to track down Elpenor in the region.[24]

Uncovering the Cult of Kosmos

Going to the Sanctuary of Delphi to question the Pythia about her family, Kassandra met the historian Herodotos who seemed to have knowledge about the Spear of Leonidas. When she spoke to the Pythia, Kassandra discovered that the oracle was under the control of the Cult of Kosmos, who forced her to tell the prophecies they wanted.[25] Talking alone with the Pythia Kassandra discovered that the Cult had a meeting under the Sanctuary and that Elpenor was a member of the Cult.[26] Finding his hideout she fought and killed him. On his corpse, she found a mask, a robe and a strange shard.[27]

With the mask and the robe, Kassandra went to the meeting of the Cult in the Sanctuary of Kosmos. In the middle of the room was a Pyramid composed of the same type of shards she found on Elpenor and felt compelled to complete it. During the meeting, Kassandra learned that the Cult had infiltrated virtually all of Greek society: economy, religion, politics, arts, and sports. They even had Cultists in the Delian League and the Peloponnesian League. She also discovered that the Cult was hunting her family to control the bloodline. Deimos, the weapon of the Cult, entered the room, tossing Elpenor's severed head and stating the Cult had a traitor in their midst. To find the traitor, he tested the members with the Pyramid: his hand on one face, the accused's on another. When it was Kassandra's turn, the two saw memories of their childhood. Kassandra realized that Deimos was Alexios. Disturbed, Deimos decided to let Kassandra go and accused Epiktetos as the traitor, killing him against the pyramid. During the confusion, Kassandra took a shard of the Pyramid before leaving the hideout.[28]

Memories Awoken - Using the Spear - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Kassandra in the Ancient Forge

After that, Herodotos convinced Kassandra to join him in a trip to Athens for reporting to Perikles the information she gathered. Before sailing to Athens, Kassandra met Herodotos at the Lion of Leonidas at Thermopylae, where her grandfather died during the Battle of Thermopylae. There, the two touched the Spear of Leonidas and relived the king's last memory during the battle. Understanding it was an artifact of an ancient civilization, Herodotos talked to Kassandra about an ancient complex on Andros island. Kassandra was convinced to visit the island: once there she was able to open the Isu-built gate with her spear. Inside, she found a mold corresponding to the spear and using the shard she took from the Pyramid, she upgraded the weapon. Leaving the Ancient Forge, she was confronted by her brother, who accused her of throwing him from Mount Taygetos when he was an infant. Kassandra tried to tell him the truth but his indoctrination by the Cult was too strong and he left his sister with a threat to stay out of his way. Kassandra returned to the Adrestia to tell to Herodotos what she saw and they began their trip to Athens.[8]

Interfering in Athens politics

ACOD Welcome to Athens Memory Screenshot 03

Kassandra speaking with Perikles

In May 431 BCE, Kassandra and Herodotos arrived in Athens, which was besieged by the Spartans. The population was tired of Perikles' strategy to wait behind the walls of the city until the enemies left. The politician and army general Kleon advocated a more aggressive tactic and many Athenians were ready to follow him. As Kassandra wanted information about her mother, Herodotus told her she should go to Perikles' symposium to gather information on Myrrine's whereabouts. Perikles, the Athenian leader, said she must help him with three tasks to be allowed into the Symposium.[29]

The sculptor Phidias was targeted by the Cult of Kosmos and Perikles wanted him out of Athens for Phidias' safety. Kassandra escorted him to Seriphos and killed Brison, the man charged to kill Phidias.[30] Kassandra also saved Metiochos, who was captured by thugs and left in his house to be killed by poisonous snakes. Kassandra discovered that the thugs were poor people manipulated by a mercenary to kill Metiochos. She found the mercenary and killed him.[31] Finally, Kassandra helped rig the ostracization of Anaxagoras to be sure he would be exiled. After the vote, Kassandra met the philosopher Sokrates who questioned her about her choices.[32]

ACOD Perikles's Symposium Memory 03

Kassandra and Herodotos at the Symposium

After accomplishing her missions, Kassandra was accepted to participate in Perikles' symposium. Entering Perikles' Residence, she met Phoibe, who had left Kephallonia, working now for Aspasia, Perikles' lover. Entering the party, Kassandra spoke with Herodotos who introduced her to the guests of the symposium: the playwrights Sophokles, Euripides and Hermippos, the sophists Protagoras and Thrasymachos, Sokrates and Perikles' nephew Alkibiades.[33] Speaking to Sophokles, Kassandra learnt that Euripides had heard about a Spartan woman who might have been Myrrine. After plying him with wine, she discovered that the woman went to Asklepios Temple in Argolis to save her son. He told Kassandra to speak to Hippokrates in Argos to learn more information.[34] After giving some oil to Alkibiades, he advised Kassandra to search for the Spartan woman in Korinth and speak with the influential hetaera Anthousa.[35]

Conversing with other guests, Kassandra met Aspasia. Learning about her mother, the hetaera told Kassandra to meet her friend Xenia on the island of Keos who might have more information. After that, Kassandra spoke to Perikles about the Cult of Kosmos and the threat they represented for Athens. Later that night, Kassandra left the party after saying goodbye to Phoibe.[33]

Before searching for her mother, Kassandra helped the playwright Aristophanes to investigate Hermippos and discovered that he was a Cultist and killed him.[36] She found another member of the Cult in Attika, the Master, who mistreated his slaves. Kassandra attempted to free one of the Master's slaves, and the Master agreed, if Kassandra killed a woman. She refused, and slew him instead.[37] She also helped the general Demosthenes and Kleon to fight the Spartans who were camped around Athens.[38][39] She was tasked by Kleon to find two of his men Heremos and Onomakles. The first one was dead but she saved the second before attacking the Spartan fleet, permitting Onomakles to sail to Mytilene.[40][41]

Searching for her mother

ACOD First Do No Harm - Kassandra Observing Hippokrates

Kassandra at Hippokrates's clinic

When Kassandra left Athens, she decided to follow all the lead she gathered during the symposium. Arriving in Argos, she met the doctor Hippokrates, who was missing his notes. As he needed his notes to heal his patients, she went to Fort Tiryns but the notes were burnt.[42] She escorted the doctor of the fort to Hippokrates as he had read the notes. After that, Hippokrates told her that when he was younger, he saw a Spartan woman who went to the Asklepios Temple to save her wounded son.[43] Going to the Temple, Kassandra helped the priests. They all gave information on the elder priest Mydon who had cut out his own tongue.[44] Going to interrogate Mydon, Kassandra surprised him with his lover and slave. The slave spoke for Mydon, explaining that the priest met Myrrine who tried to heal her son, but that the priests failed to save him. Chrysis, the priestess of Hera forced Mydon to cut out his tongue to prevent him to speak about the Spartan woman and her child. Kassandra understood that Chrysis made her mother believe that Alexios was dead to later abduct him.[45]

Going to the Altar of Apollo Maleatas, she was attacked by Cultists, proving the link between Chrysis and the Cult of Kosmos. As the priestess of Hera kidnapped another baby, Kassandra confronted her. Chrysis explained that she rose Alexios as her son and tortured him into becoming the weapon of the Cult. She also explained that the mother fled to Korinth after that and that the Monger was sent to capture her. Chrysis proposed Kassandra join her family but she refused. The Cultist set fire to the altar with the baby inside allowing her to run away from Kassandra.[46] While Chrysis fled, she was killed by her estranged son Dolops.[47]

ACOD Port of Lawlessness 12

Kassandra fighting with Brasidas

Arriving in Korinth, Kassandra made contact with Anthousa. She also met again Phoibe, who was sent by Aspasia to announce her arrival to Anthousa. The heteara accepted to give information on Myrrine if Kassandra helped her to kill the Monger, a member of the Cult who forced the hetaerae of the city to pay him.[48] She helped Damalis and Erinna against the Monger's men.[49][50] Kassandra also burnt one of the Monger warehouse to stop his smuggling but was trapped by the guards. As she fought them, she was assisted by the Spartan general Brasidas and defeated them. Brasidas explained to Kassandra that he was there to stop the Monger crimes as Korinth was an ally of Sparta. He agreed the Monger had to be killed, but stealthily.[51] When the Monger arrived, he was killed by Kassandra, Brasidas with the help of Roxanna and Erina. After that, the Monger's remains were then displayed publicly by Kassandra and Anthousa at the theater against Brasidas' wishes.[47] To thank her, Anthousa told to Kassandra that she sheltered Myrrine, who later left Korinth after winning a ship, the Siren Song.[52]

Arriving on Keos, Kassandra infiltrated the Temple of Athena Nedousia the headquarters of Xenia the queen of pirates, who control the island. As she asked her information, the pirate demanded a payment. When Kassandra collected the money, Xenia revealed that Myrrine worked for her as a pirate for a time and renamed herself Phoenix. She later left the island sailing southeast to search another goal.[53] Kassandra began a partnership with Xenia for finding treasures with maps that the pirate gave to her.[54]

Kassandra kissing Phoibe farewell

Kassandra mourning on Phoibe's body

Returning in Athens during the Autumn 429 BCE, Kassandra witnessed the city being struck by the plague. As Hippokrates tried to save the sicks, she helped him to burn the bodies of the dead as the Followers of Ares impeached that, seeing this practice as sacrilegious.[55] Going to see Perikles, she learnt from Aspasia that he was also ill. Speaking with the strategos, she understood he was really weakened and that Kleon would take his place as the leader of Athens. When she returned to Aspasia, Perikles' lover tasked her to find Phoibe who was missing after she sent her to find a ferry.[56] Investigating around the Odeon of Perikles, she found a massacre. As she saw Phoibe being followed by guards of the Cult, she ran to save her but when she finished the fight the young girl was already dead. Mourning her friend, Kassandra placed Chara in Phoibe's hands. Joined by Sokrates and Hippokrates, she decided to go to the Parthenon to speak with Aspasia.[57]

Arriving near the temple, they found Aspasia who searched Perikles. Kassandra announced her the death of Phoibe which shocked Aspasia. When they entered in the temple, they saw Deimos killed Perikles. As Kassandra tried to stop him, he ran away sending guards. Following that, Kassandra decided to leave Athens with Aspasia. As Kleon was the new ruler of the city and ordered that no one leave the city, Kassandra fought her way to the Port of Piraeus. Before leaving, she asked to Sokrates and Hippokrates will stay to give Phoibe a proper burial. On the Adrestia, Kassandra spoke to Aspasia about the clues she found on her mother. Aspasia said she knew someone named Phoenix on Naxos Island, so they set sail for the island.[58]

Finding her parents

ACOD Myrrine reunion with Kassandra

Kassandra reuniting with her mother

Arriving on Naxos, Kassandra learnt that her mother had become the Oligarch of the island. When they met, the touching reunion between the daughter and the mother was interrupted by attacking Parian forces. Kassandra and Myrrine killed the invaders with the help of Timo and Hektor.[59] After that, Kassandra spoke with her mother about her fate after the night on the Mount Taygetos and explained that Alexios was alive but working for the Cult. They decided to fight the Cult together and save Alexios from its control.[5] As Naxos and Paros were at war, Kassandra helped her mother to defend the island and weaken the power of Silanos, Paros' obligarch.[60] Kassandra also stopped the propaganda against her mother made by the artist Lichas, who was paid by Silanos.[61]

During a symposium, Aspasia warned Myrrine that men were sent to kill her. Kassandra killed them before they could and discovered they were from the Cult. On their bodies, she found a coded message with the seal of Paros, confirming that Silanos was a Cultist. Aspasia deciphered the message and informed Kassandra that one of the Two Kings of Sparta was a Sage of the Cult. Myrrine was shocked as Sparta always resisted the Cult. The Archon decided to go to Sparta after the conflict with Paros was over.[62] As the fleet of Paros had blockaded the harbor of Naxos, Kassandra destroyed the fleet with the Adrestia.[63] After that she sank the Amber Dawn, Silanos' ship, killing him in the process and assuring the victory of the Spartans. Arriving in Naxos, her mother decided to return in Lakonia and fought the Cult. Kassandra agreed to join her. Before leaving Myrrine revealed to her daughter that her biological father was last seen in Thera and that she needed to see him. The two promised to reunite in Lakonia.[64]

ACOD Kassandra meets his father

Kassandra meeting her father Pythagoras

On the volcanic island of Thera, Kassandra found the Minoan Ruins and a gate like the Ancient Forge on Andros. Using her spear, she opened the gate and explored the underground of the island. Arriving in an Isu temple, she saw her real father Pythagoras greeting her. He explained to her that she was in the ruins of the legendary Atlantis which contained powerful knowledge. He told her that she was conceived to perpetuate an ancient bloodline and that her destiny was to help him to protect Atlantis from the Cult of Kosmos. For that, they needed to seal the Atlantis with four artifacts which were hidden around Greece. Kassandra accepted to help her father in his quest.[4][65]

Tracking the Sage-King

ACOD An audience with the Two Kings of Sparta

Kassandra, Myrrine and Brasidas before the Kings of Sparta

Around 428 BCE, Kassandra joined her mother in Lakonia and the two went to Sparta. They first went to their old home to take it back but Brasidas informed them that the city claimed it after Nikolaos' disappearance. As Kassandra wanted to see the Kings, Brasidas advised her to deal with the Helots revolt in Sparta to be sure that the rulers will listen to her.[7] After that, Kassandra and her mother met the Kings Archidamos and Pausanias of Sparta. As Archidamos was furious against Myrrine and Kassandra after what happened on Mount Taygetos, Pausanias proposed that the misthios proved her loyalty. Archidamos tasked her to conquer Boeotia while Pausanias demanded her to escort the champion Testikles to Elis and assured the victory of Sparta during the Olympic Games. After the meeting, Brasidas informed Kassandra that he had a lead on a Cultist in Arkadia. Myrrine chose to follow Brasidas while Kassandra would accomplish the Kings' tasks. Before her mother departure, Kassandra promised to join them in Arkadia.[66] During her time in Sparta, Kassandra met the General Lysander who tasked her to find Polemarch seals from Athens.[67]

Escorting Tesikles on the Adrestia from Sparta to Kyllene, Kassandra accidentally made the champion fall into the sea to be eaten by a shark. Alkibiades who was there proposed that Kassandra replaced Testikles for the Panchrates.[68] Arriving in the Sanctuary of Olympia, Kassandra participated in the rituals of Olympic Games with Barnabas.[69] During the competition, Kassandra defeated Orion and Erastos which qualified her for the final. While she celebrated her first victories, Alkibiades collapsed after he returned from a party. As Barnabas supposed he was poisoned, Kassandra investigated the case.[70] She discovered the corpses of other Athenian guests and was attacked by a guard of the Cult. Interrogating the merchant Priam she learnt that someone pay him to poison the wine. She went to Fort Koroibos to find an antidote. Returning to Alkibiades, she saved in time the young man.[71]

ACO Pankration Memory Screenshot 04

Kassandra as the Olympic Champion

During the final, Kassandra fought the champion Dorieus and won the competition. Receving an olive wreath, Kassandra was announced as the Olympic champion.[72] In Olympia, she discovered that the champion Kallias was the Cultist who poisoned Alkibiades. She killed him and collected more information on the Sage of the Peloponnesian League. She also met Phidias who was target by the Cult. He told her that he received a scytale and a note. On the note they discovered a riddle that led to Temple of Zeus in Olympia. There Kassandra found a symbol for decoding the mysterious message.[73] Phidias told her to find the others on three other statues in Kythera Island, Samos, and Thasos. Kassandra agreed to accomplish this quest.[74]

In Arkadia, Kassandra was attacked by the misthios Sosipatros who was after a bounty on her head. After she defeated him, she learnt that this was the Spartan Archon of Arkadia, Lagos, who had placed the bounty on the heads of her and her mother. Joining her mother and Brasidas, Kassandra understood that Lagos was a member of the Cult. Myrrine wanted him dead while Brasidas suspected that the Cult had forced Lagos' hand.[75] When they confronted Lagos, Myrrine killed him.[47]

In 427 BCE, Kassandra arrived in the Spartan Military Camp in Boeotia to help their general but she discovered that it was Stentor. He accused her to have killed Nikolaos and was angry that the Kings sent her to help him. He ordered Kassandra to kill the four Champions of Boeotia who worked for Athens.[76] She killed Drakon[77] and Nesaia.[78] She discovered that the champion Deianeira was a Cultist, so she killed her[79] and her cousin Astra to avenge the death of Timon's brother Abreas.[80]

While she prepared to assassinate the champion Aristaios, she saw Nikolaos fought and kill the champion. Discussing with him, he explained to her that he helped Stentor in the shadows to repair the wrong he did to his family. Kassandra convinced him to reunite with Stentor.[81] As she accomplished her mission, Kassandra joined the Spartan troops and defeated the Athenians on the battle ground. After their victory, Stentor dueled Kassandra for avenging Nikolaos' death. However, before it could start Nikolaos appeared to separate his children, the fight was over. Nikolaos calmed his son and asked him to lead his men. Before she left, Nikolaos wished that the gods watch over Kassandra and her mother.[76]

To find more information on the Sage, Kassandra killed Skylax the Spartan leader of the Abantis Islands. With all the members of the branch dead, Kassandra gained the Spartan War Hero Armor and determined that Pausanias was the Sage. Returning in Sparta, she confronted the Sage before Archidamos, the ephors, the Gerousia, and the Hippeis, which charged Pausanias for his crimes.[47] As Kassandra made a great service for Sparta in addition to accomplish the Kings' quests, Archidamos granted Kassandra and Myrrine to live in their house.[82] After Pausanias' exile, Kassandra track him down and slew him. She found a letter from the Ghost of Kosmos, the leader of the Cult, saying they planned to trick the misthios to believe that Archidamos was the Sage of the Peloponnesian League and ask to Pausanias to unite the Greek poleis under its command.[83]

Fighting the Sage of the Delian League

ACOD The Battle of Pylos 5

Kassandra confronting Deimos

When Kassandra and her mother entered their house, Brasidas came to ask help from the misthios to prepare an attack against the Athenians in Pylos as they were rumors that Deimos was on their side. She accepted and went to Messenia.[82] In Summer 425 BCE, the two armies battled for supremacy. During the fight, Brasidas was wounded by Deimos who then attacked Kassandra. The duel came to a stalemate after a burning tree fell of Deimos and later Kassandra, rendering them both unconscious.[84] The Athenians subsequently won the battle, and Kassandra was captured by Kleon and brought to a prison in Athens.[85]

ACOD Doing Time 9

Kassandra freed by Barnabas and Sokrates

Waking up, Kassandra met with Deimos observing her outside the cell. While she discussed with her brother, Kleon entered and revealed he was the Sage of the Delian League and ordered the murder of Perikles. He then left while his guards attacked Kassandra in her cell. She defeated them and met Barnabas and Sokrates who broke into the prison to save her. They gave her equipment and together went to Perikles' Residence.[85] Together with Aristophanes, Alkibiades, Herodotos and Hippokrates they formed the Periklean Circle, a group dedicated to dimish the power of Kleon and bring back Democracy in Athens.[86]

With Sokrates, Kassandra exposed Kleon lies on the revolt of Mytilene before Athens citizens.[87] She also help Aristophanes by protecting the actors Thespis and Aikaterine who were targeted by the Cult as they played in The Knights which criticized Kleon.[88] In the process, Kassandra killed the Cultist Rhexenor.[89] With that, the popularity of Kleon decreased and he was forced to fight the Spartans led by Brasidas in Amphipolis to regain some reputation. Kassandra decided to join Brasidas to fight Kleon.[90]

In Summer 422 BCE, during the Battle of Amphipolis, Kassandra saw Brasidas being killed by Deimos. As she confronted her brother, the duel was short as Alexios was hit in the back by an arrow shot by Kleon who targeted Kassandra. Angry, Kassandra racked the Sage who ran away from the battle. After a fight, Kleon tried to convince Kassandra to join the Cult but she killed him. On his body, she found a letter from the Ghost which proved that the leader of the Cult organized the death of Perikles and asked Kleon to unite the Greek cities under its control. Returning on the battlefield Kassandra didn't find the body of Alexios.[91]

Reuniting her family

Returning in Sparta, Kassandra told to her mother what happened in Amphipolis and the undetermined fate of Alexios. Going to Mount Taygetos where it all begun, they saw Alexios near the cliff. They tried to resonate with him to leave the Cult and join his family, but he lost the will of living. In a desperate move, he feinted towards his mother with a blade, forcing Kassandra to kill him.[47] She recovered his sword and his armor. She also found a letter from the Ghost of Kosmos which proved that the leader of the Cult manipulated every members against each other.[92]

After the tragedy of losing her brother, Kassandra organized a dinner in her old house with her mother, Nikolaos and Stentor.[93]

ACOD We Remember Memory Screenshot 05

Kassandra with the Periklean Circle at the party

Kassandra also returned to Perikles' residence to celebrate with the Periklean Circle their victory over Kleon and the Cult, remembering Kassandra's adventures and paying tribute to their fallen friends during the War.[94] The Athenian general and politician Nicias, who was a member of the Circle, engaged with Sparta for the proposal of a peace.[47]

Sealing Atlantis

During her journey, Kassandra also searched the fragments of Atlantis. Pythagoras gave her the half of a medallion of the Isu and advised her to go to Boeotia to meet his ally Gorgias. Arriving in the Lair of the Sphinx, he informed her that his apprentice Pibos had the other half of the medallion but he disappeared. Searching him, Kassandra found Pibos dead, devoured by a lion. Understanding that the lion ate the medallion's other half, she hunted the animal and killed it.[95]

Completing the medallion, Kassandra returned to the camp and saw that Sphinx's statue disappeared and that Gorgias what dead. She inserted the medallion but nothing happened. She returned the night to retry and a giant Sphinx appeared. The creature told to Kassandra that she needed to solve three riddles to have the artifact. If she answered wrongly, she will die as Gorgias. Answering the three riddles and activating the corresponding symbols, a flash a light killed the Sphinx. Kassandra took from its body a glowing feather which turned in a metallic sphere and the creature took the form of a decayed human corpse.[96]

Investigating on another artifact on Kythera Island, Kassandra was tasked by a man to save Empedokles, a supposedly living god who was captured by the priestess of Aphrodite. As she saved him, Empedokles proposed to Kassandra to join him to Olympos to see the gods.[97] But as the key was stolen, he tasked her to find the thief. When she recovered the key, she discovered that was another medallion key.[98]

Reuniting with Empedokles on the Isle of Thisvi, Kassandra opened an Isu gate. In the cave was the Cyclops Brontes, who killed Empedokles. Kassandra fought the giant and killed him. Like with the Sphinx, when she took the eye of the creature it turned back into the spherical artifact.[99] During other travels, Kassandra fought and killed two other Cyclopes, Steropes on Andros island and Arges in the volcanic island of Nisyros.[100]

In Krete, Kassandra went to the ruins of Knossos Palace. There, she found a boy, Ardos, who tried to find his father Nikios who disappeared while exploring the labryrinth under the palace. The boy showed to Kassandra the entrance under the palace. She agreed to help Ardos to find his father interrogating the three men who accompanied Nikios.[101] Interrogating the Collector, she learnt that Nikios, the Swordfish and he tried to kill the Minotaur using Theseus' armor for protection. As they were afraid of the creatures, they fled but left Nikios behind. He gave a part of the armor to protect Kassandra and explained where were the other parts.[102] Searching for the Swordfish, she learnt that he was a criminal who controlled Herakleion but was also a member of the Cult. When she found his hideout, the Swordfish believed that Kassandra was Deimos. He revealed to her what happened in the Labyrinth and that Nikios was dead. As he wanted to quit the Cult, the Swordfish attacked Kassandra but he was killed.[103]

As she searched for Ardos' caretaker, Kassandra fell in a trap of the Cult but defeated them. She rescued the captured caretaker. He explained that he had the key of the Labyrinth but that Ardos stole it.[104] Returning in the ruins, Kassandra spoke to the boy who gave her the key.[105] With the Theseus armor, she entered in the labyrinth and faced the Minotaur. After killing the monster, she broke one of his horns which transformed into the spherical artifact like the ones before it. She left the labyrinth, giving Ardos his deceased father's ring and bid him farewell.[106]

On Lesbos island, Kassandra witnessed a woman named Bryce cornered by an angry mob who accused her of making a sacrifice for the Writhing Dread. She explained to Kassandra that she lost her lover Ligeia during their hunt of the creature. Kassandra accepted to help her saved Ligeia and went together to the Dread Ruins.[107] There, they found the Petrified Temple closed.[108] As they needed the key to open it, Kassandra went to the village of the Daughters of Artemis on Chios and recovered the key.[109]

Kassandra also interrogated Zetes the Retired, a misthios who claimed to have killed the creature. He explained that he was paid by the Cult to recover an artifact and that he killed the monster with his spear after it killed his friends. As Kassandra needed his weapon, they fought and Zetes died. On him, she found a letter explaining that it wasn't Zetes but Ligeia who killed the Writhing Dread but when she touched the artifact, she transformed into the creature herself.[110]

Returning to the Petrified Temple, Kassandra entered with Bryce in the Isu complex. When they were before the Writhing Dread, Bryce was petrified by the monster. Kassandra fought the creature and killed it before taking a snake on its head which was in fact the Prize of the Medusa. She paid respect to the petrified Bryce before leaving the Temple.[111] After that, Kassandra met a woman who claimed to have created an elixir to reverse the effect of petrifaction, however, it was a lie. As she tried to kill Kassandra, the misthios returned the favor.[112]

Returning to the Gateway to the Lost City, Kassandra put the artifacts in the pillars. When she activated its, the records of the Isu were hacked by the Isu Aletheia who spoke about the First Civilization, the Olympos Project, the Human-Isu War and the Great Catastrophe. The Isu also asked Pythagoras to pass the Staff. In her last message, Aletheia spoke with someone who wasn't there.[65]

ACOD Death of Pythagoras

Pythagoras dying in Kassandra's arms

After that, Kassandra asked Pythagoras how they will seal the Atlantis. He said that the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus could but that he needed to learn all the knowledge of the Isu to change the World. As Kassandra saw that her father turned away from his goal, she tried to convince him to abandon his pride and to save humanity as the Cult of Kosmos could discover the secrets of the Atlantis. After an argument, Kassandra received the Staff which killed Pythagoras instantly due to his age. Paying respect for her father, Kassandra sealed the Atlantis with the Staff.[113] Returning to the Adrestia, she made Herodotos and Barnabas promise to never talk about the Atlantis to anyone.[114]

Destroying the Cult

During her journey, Kassandra sought to kill every members of the Cult to find their leader, the Ghost. She killed Sotera in Megaris and Midas in Argos from the Eyes of Kosmos to locate their Sage, Nyx the Shadow. In Athens, Kassandra assassinated her. On her body, she found proof that the Ghost influenced Athenian politics.[115]

She also tracked members of The Silver Vein. She assassinated the Centaur of Euboea, the Chimera on the Andros island, The Silver Griffin on Prasonisia Island and Machaon in Patrai. She learnt that their Sage Polemon hid in the Teichos of Herakles in Achaia. She infiltrated the fortress and killed him. In his affairs, she found a letter of the Ghost which explained that it wanted to create a new era.[116]

ACOD Trouble in Paradise 17

Kassandra speaking with Thaletas and Kyra

Even with Kleon's death, the Delian League branch continued to work. Kassandra received a letter from Kyra to help her and the Spartan Thaletas to lead the rebellion against the ruler of the Silver Islands Podarkes, who was a member of the Cult.[117] Arriving in Mykonos, she accepted to help them but discovered that Podarkes was Kyra's father.[118] Regardless, she killed him, liberating the islands.[119] That night the island celebrated their liberation, Kyra also gave her father a proper send-off.[120] On Chios, Kassandra was hired by the merchant Thais to kill Kodros, the corrupt leader of the Petrified Islands. Finding out he was a Cultist she killed him.[121] Arriving on Lemnos, Kassandra was contacted by Mikkos, the caretaker of Barnabas' nephew Neleus. As the young man was sicked, he asked her to help him.[122] Investigating, she discovered that the leader of the Hephaistos Islands and Cultist Iobates poisoned him as he knew about his plan to create an army of ferocious mercenaries with the athletes of Thasos. Kassandra killed Iobates in the Ancient Stronghold, freeing the Hephaistos Islands.[123] With all the branch members killed, Kassandra continued her vengeance.[124]

On the Adrestia, Kassandra explored the seas to hunt down the members of the Gods of the Aegean Sea. She sank the ships of Asterion, the Octopus and the Mytilenian Shark. During the naval battle for the conquest of the Obsidian Islands, Kassandra attacked the Eos, the ship of the Cultist Sokos, and destroyed it. In Messara, Ptolemaios hired Kassandra to kill the leader of the region. When it was done, she discovered that the leader's son, Melanthos, was a Cultist.[125] She located him and sank his ship the Kronos. With all the fleet destroyed, Kassandralocated their Sage the Hydra near the coasts of Messenia. She attacked his ship the Hyperion. When she killed him, she discovered that the Ghost was a woman via the Cultist's note.[126]

Traveling around Greece, Kassandra tracked the members of the Worshippers of the Bloodline. She killed Zoisme and the leader of the Followers of Ares Harpalos. On Kythera, Kassandra was contact by Diona who told her that the Cult wanted to take over the Island.[127] She helped her but discovered that she was a member of the Cult who wanted to kill her twin sister Eritha to become the High priestess of Aphrodite. She killed her ending her plot.[128] In the region of Pephka, she met Leiandros who claimed she could fight the Minotaur and gain a large sum of drachmae. After three pre-trials which were tourist trap, Kassandra could enter the Minotaur's cave. She discovered that Leiandros disguided himself as the creature to scare the tourists but that it was forced lately by the Cult to doing as his daughter Amara was kidnapped. Kassandra saved her and learnt that its was the plan of Melite, a Cultist. Kassandra killed him in Kydonia. Kassandra then located the Sage Iokaste on Chios. She infiltrated the Anavatos Ruin and killed her. Via the note correspondence, she discovered that Ghost used religion to manipulate the Greek population. [129]

The Heroes of the Cult branch was the armed fist of the Cult. Kassandra killed Okytos in Attika. While trying to become the new champion of Pephka Arena, she dueled and killed Belos, the Beast of Sparta. During the conquest of Achaia, Kassandra fought Pallas on the battlefield and killed him. She discovered that their Sage was Exekias the Legend, the best misthios in Greece. Kassandra tracked him and killed him. In a letter, she learnt that the Ghost desired to be free.[130] With all the fragments of the Cultists, Kassandra upgraded the Spear of Leonidas to its maximum.[131]

With all these clues and only the Ghost remaining, Kassandra returned to the Sanctuary of Kosmos to confront the Ghost. She only found the Pyramid and when she touched it, she had a vision of Pythagoras from the past. He was in the Sanctuary speaking directly to her. He explained that the Cult of Kosmos was once a part of the Cult of Hermes, which worshipped the balance between Order and Chaos, but that the members of Kosmos began to prefer Chaos and used it to have control over Greece. He said that her destiny was to destroy the Cult and as she succeeded, she would be a hero. But in tandem, without Chaos, another group will impose Order without freedom. He reassured her that there still hope in a faction inspired by her. He finished saying that the world needed her and she saw a last vision from a distant future of her passing the Staff to another woman.[132]

When it was finished, Kassandra saw in the Sanctuary Aspasia who revealed she was the Ghost. She explained that she lost control of the Cult over Deimos and that she was against the goals of the other members as the War began to be out of control. When she met Kassandra, she understood she could end the Cult. She also revealed that she saw a vision of the future with the artifact: Kassandra destroying the Cult and the Pyramid, the creation of a rational and perfect society under a philosophical king. As Aspasia wanted to create this new republic, she asked to Kassandra to join her. She refused but let Aspasia left the Sanctuary alive. When Kassandra saw the Pyramid, she destroyed it with the Spear of Leonidas before leaving the place.[132]

Fighting the Order of the Ancients

Meeting Darius

During her odyssey, Kassandra received a letter inviting her to go to Potidaia in Makedonia as a huge force attacked civilians. Arriving there, she witnessed the village burning by Spartan soldiers who took the villagers hostage. Kassandra killed the soldiers, saving Aiantides and the other villagers. As she searched for other hostages, she was taken by surprise by a soldier but was saved by a persian archer. After that she was confronted by a masked man and Persian soldiers. She killed the soldiers but the masked man escaped. Later, she met the man who saved her, Natakas, and helped him to save other villagers. He explained that these men knew her and obeyed for the Huntsman. While Natakas decided to rest with the civilians Kassandra tracked the masked man.[133]

ACOD Shadow of a Legend - Kassandra Observing

Kassandra discussing with Darius and Natakas

On the road, Kassandra found the bodies of Spartan soldiers and the masked man, dead. As she inspected the body, she was attacked by an old hooded man with a strange blade. The fight finished when Natakas interposed, as the hooded man was his father and told him that Kassandra was the Eagle Bearer. As the two men left, Natakas told her to join them to their hideout below the Rock Arch. There, the mysterious man explained everything: he was Darius, the man who assassinated the king Xerxes I of Persia three decades ago. The king was manipulated by the Order of the Ancients, a secret society that seeked to impose order in humanity by force. He told to Kassandra that Natakas and him flew the Order since the death of the king and that she was also tracked by the Huntsman, a member of the Order who lured Kassandra in Makedonia to kill her as she was a Tainted One. He offered her the choice to leave or fight the Order, Kassandra agreed to fight back.[134]

Hunting the Hunters

Darius explained to Kassandra that the Huntsman was the Magi of the Order of Hunters, a branch of the Ancients. They decided to track him by eliminating his lieutenant. Kassandra hunted a boar with Natakas and discovered more on his family, that was killed by the Order. Talking with Barnabas, she explained the situation to her first-mate.[135] With Natakas, Kassandra investigated on the plague which stroke the village of Potidaia. As the Magistrate of the village didn't do anything, she helped the healer Timosa who was attacked by the Magistrate's guards. The healer asked her to found medicine on ships took by pirates. Kassandra boarded them but found that they weren't pirates but Persians. Returning in Potidaia, Natakas informed her that the village was poisoned. Kassandra understood that Timosa was the one who did that as she was a Hunter. After a fight, she killed the Ancient.[136]

Working with Darius, Kassandra tracked the Conspirator who recruited men for the Order. She infiltrated Olynthos Fortress and discovered an encoded note of the Conspirator which prepared a meeting near the farms the night. Kassandra and Darius awaited him and killed the Conspirator.[137] In the fort Kassandra also discovered that Akantha, the wife of the ruler of Makedonia, was a member of the Order. She tracked Akantha and killed her.[138]

Kassandra tracked the other members of the Order. She killed Phratagounè who kept the beasts of the Huntsman. She also killed Konon who worked with the Followers of Ares.[138] Investigating on a villager who survived an attack from the Magistrate of Potidaia and she discovered that he joined the Order to take his revenge. In his camp, she found a note on Echion, the Ancient who hired Hylas.[139] She found the Ancient and killed him. She also killed Hylas who stole the secret stash of the Magistrate.[140] Kassandra hunted the wolves of the Huntsman who attacked civilians near Amphipolis.[141]

Natakas sent Kasandra to find one of his informants in the Swamps of Thermes. Finding a camp, she freed a woman who informed Kassandra that her young son worked for Natakas but was captured by the Ancients. Searching him in the fog, Kassandra found the child who was afraid that she killed him. Following him, she found a tree with the hanging corpses of the men she killed in Potidaia. There she was confronted by a masked man who told to not trust Darius as he wasn't what he pretended to be. He also wanted to show her the chaos she provoked with all the persons she killed, as their relatives confronted her near the tree. The masked man fled but left a message where it was written that the Huntsman waited in the forest.[142]

ACOD LotFB Protector of Persia - Darius Natakas Arrive

Confronting the Huntsman

Meeting with Natakas, Kassandra collected all the information she gathered on the Ancients and localized the Huntsman.[143] In the forest, she saw the Huntsman, who was the masked man in the Swamps of Thermes. He told her that as a Tainted One, she was dangerous for the world and that his duty was to kill her and Darius. Kassandra fought the Huntsman and his men. The Ancient flew in a cave where Kassandra tracked him and mortally wounding him. When his men tried to kill Kassandra, Darius and Natakas arrived in the cave and killed them.[144]

In his last breath, the Huntsman revealed the truth: his real name was Pactyas and Darius was Artabanus, his old friend. Together with their friend Amorges, they planned the assassination of Xerxes I to protect Persia from the Ancients. After the death of the king, Amorges and Pactyas though that allying with the Ancients could bring peace in Persia while Artabanus decided to kill the young king Artaxerxes I of Persia as he was a puppet of the Ancients. As Amorges was against the murder of an innocent, he protected the king from an assassinating attempt by Artabanus. Artabanus was branded as a traitor and tracked by the Order leading to the death of his family.[144]

ACOD LotFB Protector of Persia - Last Departure

Natakas parting with Kassandra

As Pactyas died, Darius confirmed it was the truth and buried the corpse of his old friend. Later, Kassandra met again in Darius' hideout where she saw the old man and his son prepared their leaving as they knew that Amorges will track them after the death of Pactyas. They bid farewell and Kassandra promised to fight back the Ancients if they tracked her.[144]

During her time in Makedonia, Kassandra saved Ide, a friend of Natakas who was imprisoned in military camp. She explained to Kassandra that she was angered that the Order hired mercenaries who patrolled around her drinking spot. Kassandra offered to kill the three mercenaries while Ide promised she would share a cup of wine with her for that.[145] After killing Agis of the North, Gaia the Fist, and Theos the Stargazer, Kassandra returned to see Ide.[146] At the drinking spot, she discovered that Ide had been killed by a fourth mercenary, Exadios the Backbreaker. After toasting with a cup of Ide's wine, Kassandra killed the mercenary to avenge the old lady.[147]

Returning in Potidaia, Kassandra found a letter from Aiantides who wanted to reward her for saving him during the attack of the village. Kassandra followed his instructions and collected the reward.[148] Later, Kassandra found another letter from Aiantides who wanted to pay his debt to the misthios as she had saved his brother at the farm during the ceremony led by the Conspirator. Kassandra recovered the treasure.[149]

Fighting the Storm

Sometime later, Kassandra received a letter from someone asking her to meet him at Dyme in Achaia. Arriving there, she discovered that it was Darius who sent the letter. He informed her that Natakas and him took refuge in Achaia but that the Ancients found them. Natakas tried to secure a boat to escape from the blockade in Patrai but he never returned. Together, Darius and Kassandra searched Natakas and killed guards who tried to kill them. As they met Natakas, he informed them that the Ancients captured civilians and imprisoned them in the Teichos of Herakles. Kassandra decided to liberate the prisoners.[150]

In the fortress, she found a letter that proved the connection between the Cult of Kosmos and the Order of the Ancients. She liberated a man, the mother of a girl Natakas found and Kleta. Returning to Darius and Natakas, Kassandra discussed with Kleta who informed them that Achaia was under the control of the fleet of the Tempest, the Magi of the Order of the Storm, a branch of the Ancients. As Natakas wanted to help the people of Achaia, Darius accepted to fight the Ancients which could permit them to leave the Greek world. Kassandra decided once again to join the father and the son in their fight against the Order.[151]

During her hunt, Kassandra tracked the Ancient know as the Broker. On a shipwreck, she found on a corpse a manifest indicating that the Broker was Sophos, a wealthy shipwright of Patrai who funded the Ancients. Kassandra assassinated him and found on his body a letter from the Ancient Nestor, the captain of the Formidable which patrolled the water of Achaia to blockade the region. On the Adrestia, Kassandra boarded the ship of the Ancients and killed Nestor. Another letter led Kassandra to his next target, Augos, who monitored Darius and Natakas. Kassandra went to the Shipwreck Cove and assassinated Augos.[152]


Kassandra eventually obtained the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus and became immortal until she passed on the staff to Layla Hassan who in 2018 ventured into the Gateway to the Lost City.[65][113][153]

Personality and characteristics

"I always finish what I've started"
―A catchphrase of Kassandra as a misthios[src]
Kassandra's personality is somewhat malleable, but as a mercenary, Kassandra had one prime goal - drachmae. Willing to go to extreme lengths to earn it, Kassandra had no qualms about choosing sides in battle. She had a soft spot for children however, particularly Phoibe, a young orphaned Athenian girl. She was able to hold a grudge, as seen with how she reacted when she was reunited with Nikolaos, her estranged step-father. Kassandra was also known to be impatient and quick to anger at times, and would often intimidate those who angered her.

According to both Phoibe [56] as well as Kassandra herself, she never really got sick.[136]

Equipment and skills

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"To shoot, you need to raise your elbow to be level with your ear, keeping your arm straight and relaxed. Your arrow needs to be just below your eye, then exhale on release. Try to aim for the eye so that you don't damage the rest of the meat."
―Kassandra, on the bases of archery.[src]

Trained from a young age to fight as a Spartan, Kassandra was a highly skilled warrior capable of defeating multiple opponents simultaneously. Kassandra was able to competently wield a variety of weapon types, including swords, bows, spears, and axes. Unlike most Spartan warriors, however, Kassandra did not rely on a shield for protection, instead being able to easily deflect enemy attacks.

ACOdyssey Promotional Screenshot 02

Kassandra dual-wielding a sword and the Broken Spear of Leonidas

A master of stealth, Kassandra was able to silently assassinate her targets undetected and was also able to utilize the foliage of bushes to remain hidden from her enemies. She also proved proficient in the use of the Spear of Leonidas which aided her in silent assassinations. The Spear also gifts Kassandra with Superhuman powers which includes enabling her to know what, when and how her enemies are going to attack, giving her a major edge over her enemies in combat. It greatly enhances her physical strength to the point where she can send normal and giant-sized men to animals as large as grizzly bears flying through the air dozens of feet away from her in a single blow with sufficient force. Her blows could even stagger Legendary beasts like the Nemean Lion and a Cyclops with significant effort.

ACOD - Kassandra aiming bow

Kassandra aiming her bow with a fire arrow

She could also briefly enhance her speed and reflexes to the point where she can move faster then a human eye can see or react to and can also regenerate her injuries that would normally be fatal. If necessary, the Spear can also turn her invisible for a short while, allow minor control over poison and fire, produce concussive shockwaves, charge arrows with raw explosive energy, phase arrows through solid objects, and very minor control over time, only allowing for time to be stopped for five seconds.

A skilled freerunner, Kassandra was able to scale the statue of Athena in Athens as well as natural elements with relative ease. She also proved to be a strong swimmer whilst searching the ruins of underwater shipwrecks and was capable of holding her breath for a relatively long period of time.

Kassandra shared a symbiotic relationship with her eagle, Ikaros, which aided her in reconnaissance thanks to her Eagle Vision. Unlike later generations who possessed the skill, her Eagle Vision was far more literal in the sense that activating the ability allowed her to see through the eyes of Ikaros. Like the Daughters of Artemis, Kassandra could also tame a variety of wild animals to fight with her.

With the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus, which was passed on to her by her father Pythagoras, Kassandra was rendered immortal and remained unchanged for far longer than two thousand years. With the staff, she no longer required food or water as the staff sustained her needs. She could even cause the Staff of Hermes to transform into anything she chooses, such as a lantern. While never shown, it is assumed she could use everything the staff gave to its user, including short range teleportation and energy manipulation and projection. However shortly after coming into possession of the Staff, Kassandra learned the Staff can easily corrupt individuals who lack the strength to control it, setting Kassandra through simulations of Elysium and Hades to gain control of the staff as well as full tap into her own hidden potential. During her journey through Elysium, Kassandra learned to tap deeper into the spear's power, able to enhance several of her abilities to the level of an Isu as well as briefly summon the Full Power of the Spear of Leonidas. With these abilities Kassandra grew to rival the gods themselves, easily besting Hermes, an actual god and slaying the mighty Cerberus. After her trials through Atlantis and under the guidance of Poseiden and fully awakening the Isu's sixth sense of Knowledge within her does Kassandra come to control the staff and realize that is actually is far more destructive then it appears, having the power to destroy entire cities if she wanted to, which she displays by destroying Atlantis after learning how horribly the Isu treat humans.

By 2018, Kassandra had a great deal of knowledge of every innovation and discovery which have happened in her immensely long lifespan, recognizing Layla's device. She also is aware of a great deal of historical information as well as the existence of many secret societies that have risen during her immensely long lifespan.


  • Kassandra (Κασσανδρα) is an Ancient Greek name derived from possibly κέκασμαι (kekasmai) "to excel, to shine" and ἀνήρ (anḗr) "man", altogether meaning "shining upon men".
    • Her name could also be a reference to the Trojan princess who was given the power of foresight by Apollo, but when she rejected him, he cursed these visions so that they would come true, but she wouldn't be believed (this is known as the "Cassandra metaphor", in which a figure with knowledge of the truth and/or upcoming disasters is ignored).
  • Kassandra is one of two selectable protagonists in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, alongside Alexios. Regardless of who the player chooses, the two protagonists share the same story. However, the novelization of the video game confirms that Kassandra is the canonical protagonist.
    • If the player chooses Alexios as the protagonist then he and Kassandra's roles in the story are reversed, with Kassandra becoming Alexios' younger sister.
    • The game writers original intent was for Kassandra to be the sole protagonist of the game but Ubisoft executives told them that wasn't an option.[1]
  • Kassandra has a scar on her right upper lip, a trait shared by many protagonists of the series.
  • As of January 2019, one-third of Odyssey players have chosen Kassandra as the protagonist. During playtesting, the split was 50/50.[154]



  1. The Assassin's Creed: Odyssey novel and game provide conflicting information for a year of birth, with the novel implying 458 BCE and the game, 453 BCE. Assassin's Creed: The Essential Guide uses c. 475 BCE.


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