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ACO Karanis


Karanis (Greek: Καρανίς) was a Greco-Egyptian town located in the northeast corner of Faiyum.


In 48 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa visited the town in search of Derratos' scribe, having been directed there by Theodoros. Discovering him in the courtyard outside the Sarapeion of Karanis, Bayek eliminated his guards and brought him back to Theodoros in Bakchias.[1]

Shortly thereafter, Bayek returned to Karanis, where he chanced upon a scene of a murder in the Sarapeion. He assisted the town's Phylakitai, Epigonos, in the investigation of the recent murder, discovering a cult of the Egyptian snake-goddess Wadjet to be behind that, and other attacks on Greek priests and public figures. Fortunately, Bayek was able to prevent the cult from killing the High Priest of the temple.[2]



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