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Kara was a wealthy Greek woman who resided in Alexandria, Egypt with her mother and father, Phidias, during the 1st century BCE.


In 48 BCE, Kara was due to attend a reception in the evening and needed to be escorted back to her home. As such, her father hired the Medjay Bayek of Siwa to act as her bodyguard and escort her home. Bayek reluctantly accepted his offer and escorted her on a boat to the Egyptian district to retrieve her horse, Pegasus.[1]

Bayek initially refused Kara's pleas to stop at the market to shop for linens, but later agreed to do so, having bonded with her. At the market, Kara's horse was stolen, leading Bayek to retrieve the horse and leaving Kara alone at the market. Bayek was able to return Pegasus to Kara, who had been found by her father. Kara requested her father to let Bayek be her bodyguard ever after, though Bayek refused due to his obligations. Phidias paid Bayek a bag of drachmae for his efforts.[1]




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