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Kaori Kagami is a Japanese doctor working for an Abstergo clinic and a member of the Templar Order.


During 2016, Dr. Kagami worked at the Madrid Abstergo Foundation Rehabilitation Center and escaped during the breakout of Callum Lynch and his assassin allies.[1]

In 2019, Dr. Kagami was treating Kō Risa, a teenager who had trouble controlling her violent behavior. As part of the treatment, the Templar convinced the young woman to relive the memories of her ancestor, the Assassin Shao Jun, through an Animus.[2]

After a rocky first try in the Animus, Dr. Kagami calmed the shaken girl, assuring her that it was only a simulation and nothing could harm her there. Ending the session, the two women talked in the doctor's office, with Kō Risa unconvinced about the treatment, while Dr. Kagami read about her violent tendencies. Kagami then implored Kō Risa to work with her, and after the session, Kō Risa left. Kagami spoke on the phone with a fellow Templar, discussing her true goal of finding the location of Jun's "treasure".[2]

In their second session, Dr. Kagami tended to Kō Risa as she desynchronized after reliving a traumatic memory. Dr. Kagami insisted her patient rest, but the girl wanted to continue her treatment. After Lisa ended another Animus session, she asked about the Assassins and the Templars, and Dr. Kagami talked to her about them, explaining that the girl's violent behavior was caused by her ancestor's genes. Kō Risa returned into the Animus, and while she was under, an Abstergo employee entered the room to warn Dr. Kagami about overexposing her. Dr. Kagami simply snapped at the man that she was doing what she had to in order to get results.[3]

During the session, Kō Risa was affected by the guilt felt by Shao Jun over reliving the 1526 Macau fires. After the session, Dr. Kagami consoled her patient again by reminding her that it was all a simulation and that nothing therein was real. After the girl left, Dr. Kagami had a voice call with her superior, who reminded her about what had happened at the Madrid facility, warning her not to let it happen again.[1]

Behind the Scenes

Kaori is a Japanese name derived from (kaori) 'fragrance', and alternately 香 (ka) combined with (ori) 'weaving'. Kagami is derived from (kagami) 'mirror', alternatively combining (kaga) 'shadow' and (mi) 'seeing'.




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