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Kanopos was a coastal town located on the Nile Delta, east of the Lageion Hippodrome and north of Apollodorus' Estate in the Kanopos Nome. Before the foundation of Alexandria, Kanopos was the principle port for Greek trade along with the city of Herakleion.

Kanopos was home to a temple of the Greco-Egyptian god Serapis, as well as to many chariot racer teams, the most prominent being the Prasina Green and the Veneta Blue.


In 48 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa visited the town's tavern, where he was reunited with his childhood friend, Claridas.[1]


  • Historically, Kanopos, along with Herakleion, was part of the nome known as 'Menelaites', and later as 'Canopites', after the town.




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