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Kanika speaking to Bayek

Kanika was an Egyptian explorer who lived in Upper Egypt during the reign of Cleopatra.


In the mid-1st century BCE, Kanika operated as a smuggler, spending his time recovering relics and selling them at the Moon Curser Village in Yebu Nome. Eventually, he reformed and decided to dedicate his time preserving the relics and preventing them from ending up in the hands of the corrupted.[1]

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Kanika being escorted to safety by Bayek

Around 38 BCE, Kanika met a merchant north of Swenett to haggle for a papyrus belonging the late vizier Pentju, believing it contains clues to a relic. However, they were ambushed by bandits, which left Kanika unconscious and the merchant dead. Kanika was deemed responsible for the murder and held captive at the Swenett Outpost under Democedes.[1] A while later, Kanika was found by the Hidden One Bayek of Siwa, who previously eliminated Democedes and his men for the poaching of crocodiles in the area.[2] Bayek freed Kanika and escorted him to safety, learning of the events surrounding his capture. Kanika requested Bayek to look for and recover the scroll, directing him to meet him near the Old Kingdom Excavation Site once he had done so.[1]

After Bayek returned with the scroll, Kanika and him fought through the military who had camp upon the site, reaching a small cave where the relic was found. After digging through the site, Kanika uncovered the artifact, revealed to be a pair of daggers belonging to the pharaoh Tutankhamun. Kanika entrusted Bayek with the pair of daggers, believing that he would keep it safe. He then proceed to leave for the Moon Curser Village, hoping to educate the smugglers there.[1]




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