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Kanen'tó:kon (1756 – 1778) was a member of the Kanien'kehá:ka nation and a close childhood friend of Ratonhnhaké:ton.


Early life

Kanen'tó:kon was born and raised in the Kanien'kehá:ka nation, whose duty was to protect their sacred land. One day, at the age of four along with Ratonhnhaké:ton and other children, Kanen'tó:kon ventured into the forests outside their village to play games. While engaging in a game of hide and seek, the village was approached by Charles Lee and his Templar co-conspirators, who attempted to persuade the village elders to side with them. Unsuccessful in this endeavor, the Templar group left. Soon after, Kanatahséton was razed under the separate instruction of George Washington, as part of the French and Indian War. While Kanen'tó:kon and Ratonhnhaké:ton were safely away from the village when this occurred, the latter would go on to witness the death of his mother.[1]

The village was eventually rebuilt and the Kanien'kehá:ka strived even after nine years. As a teenager, Kanen'tó:kon learned how to free-run through forest trees, collect materials and hunt wildlife with the help of Ratonhnhaké:ton. However soon after, Ratonhnhaké:ton became concerned that the Colonists would soon invade and seize their land once more, hence he ventured on a personal quest to protect the village. Kanen'tó:kon remained behind in the valley of Kanien:keh to keep the village and its people safe and neutral in the conflict between the Colonists and British Loyalists.[1]

Conflict with Johnson

Kanen'tó:kon informing Ratonhnhaké:ton about Johnson's plans

In 1773, Kanen'tó:kon sought out Ratonhnhaké:ton at the Davenport Homestead, where he explained that William Johnson had been given permission by the Iroquois Confederacy to purchase their land and subjugate their people to relocate. Realizing that a diplomatic solution was not possible, Kanen'tó:kon handed Ratonhnhaké:ton a hatchet, who struck it into a pillar of the Davenport manor, signifying the start of war in accordance of their customs.[1]

Ratonhnhaké:ton traveled to Boston and with the aid of Samuel Adams, where he destroyed a shipment of British tea during the Boston Tea Party, which Johnson had been smuggling over to profit from taxation. Despite this, six months later Johnson returned, having procured the money through other resources and means. Kanen'tó:kon returned to the Homestead with news of this, forcing Ratonhnhaké:ton to seek out and assassinate Johnson during his meeting with Iroquois clan leaders.[1]

Siding with the British

As the American Revolutionary War escalated, Kanen'tó:kon began to worry that Continental Army would seize Kanatahséton, while the opposing British offered to protect their lands and secure their independence in exchange for an alliance with the other Kanien'kehá:ka clans.[1]

By 1778, Kanen'tó:kon was approached by Charles Lee, who informed him that the Continental Army led by George Washington were planning to destroy the village for allying with the British. Furthermore, Lee even convinced him that Ratonhnhaké:ton had turned traitor for siding with Washington. With this in mind, Kanen'tó:kon finally decided to join the conflict to keep the Continental Army away from their land.[1]

He led several other Kanien'kehá:ka warriors outside of the village to scout ahead and attack the invading army, however Ratonhnhaké:ton intervened by rendering the warriors unconscious to prevent the village from entering the conflict.[1]


Kanen'tó:kon facing off against Ratonhnhaké:ton

After this, Ratonhnhaké:ton managed to catch up with Kanen'tó:kon. During their confrontation, Kanen'tó:kon accused Ratonhnhaké:ton of being corrupted by the Continental forces and betraying their people as a result. To this, Ratonhnhaké:ton tried to reason with Kanen'tó:kon, explaining that he was being deceived by Lee.[1]

Instead, Kanen'tó:kon attacked Ratonhnhaké:ton, pinning him to the ground with his knife close to the Assassin's throat, which forced Ratonhnhaké:ton to stab his friend in the neck, killing him in self-defense. In his final moments, Kanen'tó:kon explained that the Continental Army would be defeated at Monmouth by the British, and died believing that it would ensure the future of their people.[1]

Alternate timeline

Kanen'tó:kon and Ratonhnhaké:ton in prison

During the reign of King Washington as displayed by an Apple of Eden, Kanen'tó:kon joined a group of dissenters led by Samuel Adams in Boston, though he was eventually captured by Benjamin Franklin and sentenced to death by beheading by the King himself. Much to his surprise, he was soon released from his cell by his old friend Ratonhnhaké:ton, who had recently been brought to the same prison by Israel Putnam and escaped custody by using his Wolf Cloak ability.[2]

After dispatching several guards and reclaiming his equipment, Ratonhnhaké:ton revealed the secret behind his animal abilities; a tea brewed from the leaves of the mystical Red Willow. Kanen'tó:kon offered to drink the tea as well in order to turn the tide in the battle against King Washington, but Ratonhnhaké:ton refused, noting the inherent danger of the drink. Instead, he drank it himself, gaining the power of Eagle Flight in the process.[2]

Kanen'tó:kon and Ratonhnhaké:ton shortly after escaping the prison

After escaping the prison, Kanen'tó:kon engaged several Bluecoats while Ratonhnhaké:ton chased Franklin, who ultimately escaped when King Washington intervened with his Apple of Eden. Kanen'tó:kon and Samuel Adams soon found an unconscious Ratonhnhaké:ton, injured from the fight, who suddenly realized that he needed to rescue Franklin from the Piece of Eden's power. After successfully recruiting the inventor and breaking him free from Washington's corruptive influence, Ratonhnhaké:ton began collaborating with Franklin to infiltrate Washington's New York headquarters.[2]

Meanwhile, Adams and Kanen'tó:kon were ambushed by the King's men at Boston Neck. General Putnam personally beat Adams to death, and severely wounded Kanen'tó:kon with a blow to the head, followed by severing two of Kanen'tó:kon's fingers with his own tomahawk. Upon learning of the ambush, Ratonhnhaké:ton investigated the scene of the massacre, and after discovering Adams' bloodied uniform and Kanen'tó:kon's weapon, he presumed both of his allies to be dead.[2]

After recruiting Robert Faulkner and chartering the Aquila to New York with Franklin, Ratonhnhaké:ton fought his way through dozens of Bluecoats to protect the Aquila's crew as they made their escape into the harbor. Suddenly, Putnam appeared with a hostage Kanen'tó:kon, and threatened to shoot him if Ratonhnhaké:ton did not surrender. After dispatching the general with his animal powers, Ratonhnhaké:ton rescued Kanen'tó:kon and the pair fled to the ship and escaped to New York.[2]

Kanen'tó:kon fighting Washington's guards

When they arrived in New York Bay, the Aquila was attacked by Washington's fleet. Once the ship had ran out of gunpowder, Ratonhnhaké:ton ordered his men to swim to the shore while he rammed the Aquila into a Man-of-War; on reaching land, Kanen'tó:kon witnessed Washington threatening Franklin. The Kanien'kehá:ka warrior tackled the king, knocking the Apple from his hands, and fended off his guards before being shot by a firing line. Wounded, Kanen'tó:kon dragged himself to the helpless king to finish him off, but the guards fired a second time, killing him. When Ratonhnhaké:ton came ashore, he found Franklin mourning Kanen'tó:kon's sacrifice. Vengeful, Ratonhnhaké:ton undertook another spirit journey, gaining the power of Bear Might.[2]

When Ratonhnhaké:ton defeated Washington, Kanen'tó:kon's spirit appeared to him, urging him not to take the Apple for himself and to let his sacrifice be in vain.[2]

Personality and characteristics

Growing up, Kanen'tó:kon and Ratonhnhaké:ton were close friends and both shared a sense of loyalty and devotion to protecting their village and their way of life. Kanen'tó:kon was noticeably chubby during his childhood years, a fact which Ratonhnhaké:ton teased him for at one point, though he was mostly trying to encourage his friend. Despite this, Kanen'tó:kon trained and worked hard to become a strong, more confident and proud warrior.[1]

Like Ratonhnhaké:ton, Kanen'tó:kon wished to take part in the war in order to take a more active role in the protection of their village, which conflicted with Ratonhnhaké:ton's belief that the Kanien'kehá:ka should have remained neutral.[1]

This later caused a rift to form between the close friends, eventually leading to Kanen'tó:kon's mistrust in Ratonhnhaké:ton and manipulation by Lee, which tragically led to the end of their friendship and Kanen'tó:kon's life. Kanen'tó:kon's words and death provided further proof to Ratonhnhaké:ton that his trust in Washington and the Patriot cause was misplaced.[1]

Behind the scenes

Kanen'tó:kon is a fictional character in the 2012 video game Assassin's Creed III, where he is voiced by the Kanien'kehá:ka teacher and translator Akwiratékha Martin, who also provided the motion capture footage. Martin served as the language consultant and translator for Assassin's Creed III and later provided his services again during the production of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla for the game's arc in Vinland.[3]


  • It is implied that Ratonhnhaké:ton used to tease Kanen'tó:kon about being fat in their childhood.
  • Until his death, Ratonhnhaké:ton can engage in a few floating conversations with Kanen'tó:kon. In these conversations, Kanen'tó:kon exhibits growing concern over the village's future and to a lesser extent, Ratonhnhaké:ton's continued loyalty to the tribe.