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"Extend to me your olive branch, and I will take the grove."

Kallias (died 428 BCE) was a former Olympic champion and a member of the Peloponnesian League branch of the Cult of Kosmos during the Peloponnesian War.


In 428 BCE, Kallias served as a judge in the Pankration games, in which the Spartan misthios Kassandra represented her home city-state. At the games, Kallias served as a host for the game Kassandra was participating in.[1]

During the 428 BCE Olympics Kallias hosted a banquet together with his friend and fellow judge Demophanes, as they had a habit of doing, within Leonidaion, drinking with Alkibiades. Unknown to all participants but Kallias himself, the food and wine served were poisoned. Following the first few matches of Kassandra at the stadium Alkibiades became sick. Luckily Kassandra was able to get the antidote to him in time.[2]

During the Olympics Kallias retired to spend his nights at Fort Koroibos in the Valley of Olympia. It was also where he kept the antidote for the poison.[3]

Ultimately, Kallias was eliminated by Kassandra, who recovered an Artifact Fragment, a pair of boots and a letter from his body.[3]


  • The name Kallias is derived from the Greek word kallos (Καλλιας), meaning "beauty".
  • If Kallias was still alive at the time of the Pankration, there would be a short cutscene of him inviting Kassandra for dinner afterwards, assuming she won. Kassandra promised in this she'd "hunt [him] down... to take you up on that offer."
  • Historically, there was an Athenian pankratiast also named Kallias who won the pankration event in the 472 BCE Olympic Games.




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