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Julia Gorm (born 1943) was a member of the American Brotherhood of Assassins, operating in the Bloodstone Unit under the Assassin extremist Boris Pash. She was the daughter of Eddie Gorm, who served as an Assassin during World War II, and was also the mother of Maxime Gorm, a Templar agent who participated in the Great Purge.


Early life

Julia Gorm was born in 1943, the same year that her father Eddie committed suicide aboard the USS Eldridge at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.[1]

Bloodstone Unit

At the age of twenty, Julia joined the Bloodstone Unit, a covert extremist Assassin cell led by Borish Pash. On 2 January 1963, Julia and her unit boarded a helicopter at the Tân Hiệp US military base. Their mission was to take part in a communication operation involving the CIA, United States Army and South Vietnamese Army. However their pilot Zenia had to make an emergency landing as members of the Viet Cong attacked. While the unit interrogated Cooper, a Templar infiltrator, Julia killed all the soldiers with only a knife. When Cooper refused to speak, the unit agreed to take him before Pash. As another Templar showed himself, Gorm killed him. However this angered her teammate Alekseï Gavrani at the unneeded bloodshed, to which Gorm calmly replied that he was "dead weight".[2]

Back at homebase, Julia watched Alekseï and Zenia talk. Meanwhile, Cooper was being tortured for information by Pash. Alekseï struggled to come to terms with Julia's brutality despite her youth. Pash then dismissed Alekseï, calling him weak-willed. Julia looked on, her face unreadable.[2]



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