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Julia Dusk (died 15 July 1943) was an American spy and a member of the Assassin Order who operated in Europe during World War II.

After learning that Boris Pash was working with the Templars to use the Apple of Eden to give the Atomic Bomb to the American, an enraged Dusk tried to destroy the artifact. She pulled the pin out of a grenade she was holding, taking her own life and those of several Assassins, but failed to destroy the Apple.


In 1940, the lieutenant Dusk was part of an US operation commanded by fellow Assassin, colonel Boris Pash, who was tasked to gather intelligence on the atomic project of the Nazis as the Americans were developing their own. To infiltrate the "Uranprojekt", the Americans recruited Eddie Gorm, a former British soldier turned docker contacted by the gangster Jack Turpin, in fact SS spy Otto Hammerstein, who tried to hire him to steal the work of French scientists who took refuge in London.[1]

While at first reluctant to help them, Gorm accepted after his family was killed in a German bombardment and accepted "to defect" to the Germans, the Assassins giving him useful intel for the Nazis. However, the spies hid from Gorm their true allegiance to the Brotherhood and the fact that the true target of his investigations was the Templar Gero Kramer, the Nazi general in charge of the "Uranprojekt".[1]

Following Gorm incorporation into the SS after he helped Hammerstein, Dusk became his contact in Berlin, strengthening Gorm's resolve at the times when her recruit doubted his mission, having increasing difficulties to hide his contempt for the Germans. In 1942, when Gorm cracked and blowed his cover in an attempt to learn more about the atomic project, Dusk came to his rescue. Jumping through a window in full Assassin garb, Dusk saved Gorm from the soldiers sent after him but was hit by a bullet while fleeing the building with him. Meeting with Pash outside, the colonel took them to the Assassin hideout in the city, where they treated the injury of an uncousious Dusk and where Pash told the truth to Gorm about the Brotherhood.[1]

Equipment and skills

Julia utilized a De Lisle carbine.




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