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This article is about the memory of Ezio Auditore. You may be looking for the memory of Kassandra.

Judge, Jury, Executioner was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After having his Hidden Blade repaired by Leonardo da Vinci, Ezio returned to La Rosa Colta to meet with Paola. Once there, Paola told Ezio that Uberto Alberti could be found attending an exhibition of Verrocchio 's latest work at the Santa Croce cloister. Ezio left to exact his revenge.


  • Paola: You were gone for quite a while.
  • Ezio: Leonardo likes to talk.
  • Paola: That he does. But I trust you did more than talk?

Ezio showed her the repaired blade.

  • Paola: Impressive.
JJE 1 v

Ezio showing the fixed blade to Paola

  • Ezio: I'm rather fond of it myself.
  • Paola: I've given you the skills, Leonardo's given you the blade. All the remains is the deed.
  • Ezio: Where can I find Uberto?
  • Paola: According to my girls, he'll be attending an unveiling tonight of Verrocchio's latest work. It will be held at the Santa Croce cloister.
  • Ezio: Watch over my mother and sister while I'm away.
  • Paola: Of course, Ezio. As if they were my own.

Ezio waited on a nearby rooftop for Uberto to arrive. After a while Uberto arrived, accompanied by Lorenzo de' Medici.

  • Uberto: Again with this?
  • Lorenzo: You have overstepped your bounds, Uberto.
JJE 2 v

Lorenzo and Uberto arguing

  • Uberto: Who are you to speak of bounds. You, who have crowned yourself Lorenzo de' Medici, Principe (Prince) of Firenze.
  • Lorenzo: I've done no such thing.
  • Uberto: Of course not. Ever innocent. How convenient.
    At least now we see how far your reach extends - which is to say - nowhere at all.
    It has proved a valuable lesson for me and my allies.
  • Lorenzo: Yes. Your allies, the Pazzi. Is that what this is about?
  • Uberto: Be careful with your words, Lorenzo. You might attract the wrong sort of attention.

Ezio slowly made his way with the crowd to the location of the unveiling. There, he saw the guests of the party congratulating Uberto on the execution of the Auditore family.

  • Guest 1: Good evening, Gonfaloniere.
  • Uberto: To you as well. I trust you're enjoying yourselves?
  • Guest 1: Indeed! A nice distraction from that nasty business with the Auditore family.
  • Uberto: And to think I once thought of Giovanni as a brother...
  • Guest 1: Don't blame yourself! How could you have known what evils he planned?
  • Guest 2: I say we strike that traitor's name from the record books. Let history forget he ever even existed.
  • Uberto: Hmmm. Yes, I should look into that.
    If you'll excuse me for a moment...

Two women walked towards Uberto to talk with him.

  • Beatrice: Uberto! A moment of your time?
  • Uberto: Anything for you, Beatrice.
  • Beatrice: (laughs) So! Tell us! How does it feel to be a hero?
  • Uberto: Please, I am no such thing. As Gonfaloniere it is my duty to ensure that the city of Firenze remains a shining beacon of justice. Corruption and its ilk shall find no purchase here so long as I am in control.
  • Beatrice: You are a treasure, Uberto! I hope Lorenzo recognizes that!
  • Uberto: Yes... our great leader, Lorenzo. I'll see you ladies later.

Three more guests walked towards him;

  • Guest 3: Ah, Uberto! There you are. I was just telling the other about the execution...
  • Guest 4: I mean no offense, but... what if they did not act alone?
  • Uberto: You can rest easy, friends. I am confident that this treachery began and ended with the Auditore family.
  • Guest 5: What of the other son? Ezio, was it?
  • Uberto: The child poses no danger. Soft hands and an even softer head. He'll be caught and executed before the week is out.
  • Guest 3: Don't let us keep you, Uberto. We just wanted to say hello.

A couple walked towards Uberto;

  • Wife: Evening to you, Gonfaloniere.
  • Uberto: Is everything to your satisfaction?
  • Wife: Do you even need to ask? Of course!
  • Husband: Accept our thanks - for this evening - and for helping to keep Firenze safe. I always had my doubts about the Auditore.
    Where did the family even come from? To gain such wealth and ... and prestige in... in a single generation?
  • Wife: And the children - with their odd names. Always making trouble.
  • Husband: No surprise, given the company their father kept; whores and thieves, I swear it!
  • Uberto: Indeed. It is clear now he sought to undermine the city - to overturn all we've worked so hard to build.
  • Husband: But thanks to you, that's over now.

Unable to listen to any more insults about his family, Ezio moved in for the kill. Uberto noticed him:

  • Uberto: You...
    Guards! Arrest him!
JJE 3 v

Ezio executing Uberto in the courtyard

Before the guards could hear Uberto, Ezio stabbed him in his chest five times with the Hidden Blade.

  • Uberto: You would have done the same. To save the ones you love.
  • Ezio: Yes, I would. And I have.

The whole place filled with a whispered Assassino. Ezio lay Uberto's body on the floor and spoke to the crowd, angered and hands covered in blood;

  • Ezio: The Auditore are not dead. I'm still here. ME! Ezio! Ezio Auditore!

The people gathered there shouted in fear;

  • Woman: Assassino!

Ezio took to the rooftops and escaped from the area.


Ezio killed Uberto Alberti to avenge the murder of his father and brothers, in a crowded place and told the people about the continued existence of the Auditore family. He also succeeded in obtaining Giovanni's documents about the conspiracy.



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