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Juan Vedomir (died 11 June 1747) was a Spanish businessman in Altea and a member of the Templar Order. He was given possession of Edward Kenway's journal, which contained detailed but heavily coded research into the location of the Grand Temple.


In 1747 Reginald Birch, Grand Master of the British Templars, tasked Haytham Kenway with killing Vedomir, after the latter betrayed the Order. Haytham traveled to Altea, where he was allowed to enter Vedomir's villa under the guise of a Genoese cheesemaker. Vedomir welcomed him into his chambers, but was quick to notice Haytham's English accent; due to Spain and England being at war, Vedomir raised no suspicions to his deception, stating that "[he liked] to think that [he rose] above the petty concerns of kings".

While Vedomir prepared to taste the cheese that Haytham had brought with him, the latter took off his neck scarf and palmed a doubloon from his shoulder bag. As soon as Vedomir realized that the cheese was from the local cheesemaker Varela, and that he had been deceived, Vedomir became hostile towards Haytham, who then quickly dropped the coin into the scarf and twirled it into a garrote. As Haytham lunged towards Vedomir – who attempted to call for the guards – a struggle ensued between the pair, though Haytham managed to gain the upper hand and strangle Vedomir from behind with the scarf and coin, as he declared that Vedomir had been sentenced to death for his treason.



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