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PL Truth SeekerHQ They call me many things: Murderer. Cutthroat. Thief. But you may call me Journeyman.

This article is about a subject that lacks an official name and is known only by its nickname, title, or alias.

"We cannot afford to have another failure like Fraser on our hands. Don't let us down."
―Alan Rikkin on his assignment letter, 2014.[src]

An individual known as the Journeyman, is a Project Coordinator at Abstergo Entertainment and agent of the Templar Order. In 2014, they relived the genetic memories of Arno Dorian, a French Assassin living at the time of the French Revolution.


The agent joined the Animi Training Program in 2012, and after completing the program, officially became an Abstergo employee and a Templar initiate. After Robert Fraser failed to deliver the desired results during his genetic memory research into the life of Arno Dorian and started to sympathize with the Assassin cause, Melanie Lemay recommended to Alan Rikkin that the agent be assigned to take over the task.

Fraser destroyed a great part of the already-harvested information before his death but, fortunately, Abstergo was able to partially reconstruct some of it, which helped to expedite the assignment. As a Templar initiate, the agent was also provided with confidential files, including Fraser's personal files, to help better understand the subject, which they claimed from Abstergo Archival Department on 11 August 2014.

During their assignment, the agent had special permission to handle some artifacts in the Abstergo Entertainment archives because of their ability to use Eagle Vision, like Arno Dorian's watch, the chalice from the Assassin Order initiation and a Templar badge of office made by Grand Master François-Thomas Germain.

Due to their exceptional work with Arno Dorian's memories and the artifacts, the agent was provided a trip on an Abstergo Entertainment private jet to explore the French Assassins' hideout, the Sainte-Chapelle. Melanie Lemay hoped that the agent's Eagle Vision would allow them to discover some secrets that others might have missed.

After reliving Arno Dorian's memories up to his encounter with Germain on 21 January 1793 at King Louis XVI's execution, the agent received a promotion within the Templar ranks and received the title of Journeyman, being granted the privilege to confidential information, including information on the Isu, Sages, the Pieces of Eden and the Phoenix Project. In addition to discovering the true purpose of their research, the Journeyman was informed that Fraser had leaked the unsequenced memories to the Assassins and that discovering the remains of Germain, a Sage, ahead of their enemies was a top priority.

Sometime later, the Journeyman was able to sequence a great deal of Arno's memories, and was assigned to investigate Fraser's apartment using Eagle Vision. This led them to discover a set of fingerprints belonging to the Assassin Bishop, which helped narrow down what data had been leaked to the Assassins.

After their work on Arno Dorian's memories had been complete, the Journeyman's efforts were recognized by Alan Rikkin, and after a unanimous vote, the individual was formally inducted into the Templar Order. After the termination of Aidan St. Claire, they were also assigned to the position of Project Coordinator at Abstergo Entertainment.


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