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Jot Soora is a computer programmer at MysoreTech and a descendant of Raza Soora, the mute servant of the Indian Assassin Arbaaz Mir.


After learning how to program computers at a young age, Jot Soora was enrolled by his family at the International Institute of Information Technology in Bangalore, where he was hired for MysoreTech by its founder, Ajay Rana. In October 2013, he began working on the new virtual reality device known as the "Brahman V.R.", which Jot discovered was capable of allowing the user to relive the memories of their ancestors, in addition to transmitting all data from the device to the Abstergo Entertainment servers.

While investigating the Brahman V.R., Jot learnt that he was a descendant of the young slave Raza Soora, while his fiancée, Monima Das, discovered she was a descendant of the Princess Pyara Kaur, daughter of the Maharajah Ranjit Singh and Arbaaz Mir's lover. Ashamed of his origins and troubled over the similarity between Monima's ancestor and his fiancée, who was quickly becoming a famous actress, Jot was filled with doubt over his relationship with Monima due to their different lineages and began to see himself as unfit to be her future husband.

Surprised one night by Siobhan Dhami, one of his female colleagues at MysoreTech, Jot decided to tell her of his discovery involving the Brahman V.R. However, instead of showing her the truth about his ancestry, Jot told Siobhan that he was a descendant of Arbaaz Mir.

Soon after, Jot traveled to Mumbai to see his fiancée at her film studio, but was followed and kidnapped by Siobhan. Revealing themselves to be Assassins, Siobhan and her brother Jasdip forced Jot into the Brahman V.R., believing his ancestor Arbaaz Mir would lead them to the location of the Koh-i-Noor diamond, a relic from the First Civilization. However, upon placing Jot in the device, they learnt that he had in fact lied about his heritage.

At this point, the Templar Order sent Juhani Otso Berg to recover Jot Soora; the Templar commando crashed their hideout, attacking and killing Siobhan. In the chaos, Jot retrieved the Brahman device as Jasdip fought off the attacking soldiers. Plunging out of the hideout into the slums below, Jot quickly rushed back to Monima's studio. Seeing the state he was in, Monima immediately called a stop to the filming, though the two were captured by Templar agents in a black van.

Jasdip attempted to free the couple as they sped down the highway, but his intervention led to the driver losing control and the vehicle plummeting off a bridge into the Bay of Mumbai. As the couple sunk into the waters, Jasdip managed to save Jot but Monima was lost in the depths.

Jot took refuge at the Assassins' hideout in the Chor Bazaar, where he met another Assassin called Dinesh. Devastated by the death of his fiancée and overcome by grief, Jot decided to relive Monima's memories in the Brahman V.R., even at the risk of exposing himself to the Templars. In doing so, he revealed to the Assassins that Monima's ancestor was Pyara Kaur, which Dinesh realized could lead them to the location of the Koh-i-Noor. As a result, Dinesh decided to download the data of Monima's ancestry from the Abstergo servers onto Jot's mobile phone.

The Templars soon reached the hideout and Dinesh was killed in the ensuing conflict. Jasdip fought back the attackers as Jot escaped with his phone into the crowded streets, losing the Templars and leading them to believe the trail was a dead end. With nothing else to do, Jot returned to the scene of the accident and played a video on his phone, showing his marriage proposal to Monima through the eyes of his fiancée.