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"Joseph is one of the most decorated members in Brotherhood history. He's not lying to us."
―Xavier Chen about Joseph's allegiance, 2015.[src]

Joseph Laurier is an ex-Assassin active in the 21st century and a descendant of the British Assassin Jennifer Querry, through her son David.

After the death of his lover Christian, for which fellow Assassin Xavier Chen was partially responsible, Joseph decided to take revenge on the Brotherhood by teaming up with the Templars. However, he pulled a triplecross, killing Chen as well as Templar Didier Hawking, out of desire to complete his original mission, before going on the run.


Early life

Joseph participated in a mission overseen by Xavier Chen, which went tragically awry; all the Assassins died except for Joseph and Xavier. Worse, Joseph's lover Christian was among the Assassins that lost their lives; Xavier had chosen to hide the fact that Christian was in critical danger in order to have Joseph focused on their mission.[1] Heartbroken and full of hate, Joseph subsequently disappeared, letting the Brotherhood and Chen believe he too had perished during the mission.[2]


In 2015, Joseph met with the Templar Didier Hawking in San Diego, claiming he was defecting and wanted to draw Xavier Chen into a trap. However, he still loathed Abstergo, and had an explosive disguised as false teeth. He let the Assassins know of his survival, claiming he would falsely disclose to the Templars that a Piece of Eden had been hidden in Salem, Massachusetts, during the witch trials of 1692 in order to reach a high ranking Templar. Chen believed him, but his new partner Galina Voronina was suspicious and believed that he was a traitor truly working for the Templars.[3]

To verify if the story fed to the Templars was truly a fake, they recruited Charlotte de la Cruz to explore her ancestor Tom Stoddard's memories of the event.[3] When Charlotte witnessed Joseph's Assassin ancestor Jennifer Querry's death before she knew where the resting place of the artefact was, it made the Assassins believe that he was telling the truth. Galina and Xavier immediately headed to the Abstergo office in San Diego to rescue Joseph. However, as Charlotte dug deeper into her own ancestor's memories, it was revealed that Joseph was lying since Querry's child, David, knew where the precursor seer, Dorothy Osborne's body, was laid.[2]

Joseph chained himself to an interrogation table in a gym. Beforehand, while in Didier's office, he had him punch out a couple of his teeth to make it appear he'd been tortured. When Xavier and Galina came to rescue him, he lunged at them and broke Galina's leg. Xavier pushed him into the gym pool, but Joseph suffocated him to death with his wrist chain, drowning him. Joseph emerged and prepared to kill Galina when Charlotte attacked. Joseph threw her aside before proceeding to explain his motives.[1]

He revealed that the Assassins were keeping secrets from her and had recruited her for her special ability and then tried to sway her to join him. He detonated his bomb to prove he was trustworthy, killing Hawking and his tech team, but Charlotte took that moment to attack him, only to succumb to the Bleeding Effect and fall down. Lifting the young woman by her hoodie, Joseph mocked Charlotte for not having a Hidden Blade, but Charlotte pulled out a knife and cut him, causing him to release her. While he was telling her that she would come with him even if he had to break her legs and carry her, Abstergo security entered the gym and opened fire, allowing Charlotte to flee with Galina.[1]


Joseph survived the events in San Diego and went into hidding with Galina's team tracking him to avenge their fallen brother. In order to find him, they travelled to Mexico City to kidnap Garcia-Lopez, a key member of Abstergo's propaganda division who potentially knew where Joseph was hiding, but they failed.[4] Later, while speaking with Ortega Sanchez, another Templar, Charlotte learned that Joseph was in fact no longer considered to be a "reliable source" by the Templars.[5]

Some weeks later, Galina's team made a pact with Erudito; in exchange for Charlotte's help in order to learn more about an Isu entity named Consus, the collective of hackers would help them find Joseph. After learning from Erudito that Joseph was in Somalia, going by the name "Alan Wilde", and after Charlotte asked her to capture him alive because she had a hunch about him, Galina and two Erudito field agents, My'shell and Sheed, left for Africa.[6]

In Mogadishu, Joseph was after Zerha Okur, a successful businesswoman and known Templar funder who had backed the operation during which Christian died. As he infiltrated an inauguration ceremony attended by Okur, Joseph became aware of Galina's presence. Hacking the team's facial recognition software, Laurier lured Galina and Sheed into the nearby construction site while he tried to kidnap Okur. However, his prey escaped when My'shell intervened and Joseph stabbed his attacker in the shoulder before fleeing the scene. Chased by the two others, Joseph subdued Sheed before attacking Galina behind some crates. The Assassin tried to fight back but was outmatched by the giant man.[7]


However, My'shell managed to distract Joseph with a flanking strike, allowing Sheed to recover his gun and to pull it on Laurier. At the same moment, an Erudito distress call reached them, informing the members of the Collective that their base in Argentina was under attack. Determined to save Charlotte from the Templars, Joseph offered his help and his jet.[8]

Above the island, the Templars shot down the plane causing it to crash. The Templars surrounded the crashed plane, finding the body of Sheed in the co-pilot seat. However, they were immediately ambushed by Galina, Joseph and My'shell. Realizing that any hope of rescue relied on taking out the warship that had shot them down, they headed toward the coast. Joseph and his two companions assaulted the ship. The crew retaliated, and explosives upon the deck were hit amidst the gunfire effectively destroying the ship. Badly burned, Joseph was dying and told the two women to leave him behind and to find the survivors.[9]

Personality and characteristics

Joseph once believed in the Creed, yet after the death of his lover Christian, he became disillusioned and sought revenge on Xavier Chen whom he blamed for Christian's death. However, despite his hatred for Chen he remained a "good soldier", still believing in completing his missions, and successfully assassinated Didier Hawking using both the Assassins and Templars to kill both Chen and Didier while getting close to Charlotte.

Skills and equipment

Joseph was a veteran of the Brotherhood and one of its most decorated members. He was physically large and proved to be highly skilled in unarmed combat, engaging two Assassins armed with only a chain. Notably, he broke the leg of Galina, a Master Assassin, without much effort and drowned Xavier Chen.


  • Joseph had over sixty kills during his career as an Assassin.




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