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Jorge Díaz was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Renaissance.


Born during the Renaissance, Jorge Díaz was a Spanish knight from Murcia. The last surviving member of a ruined family, Jorge had nothing to offer a noble lord but the sword and armor on his back.[1]

Due to his lack of titles and riches, he was regularly ridiculed by his arrogant Spanish peers; many of whom were secretly members of the Templar Order. Being an outcast among the nobility, Jorge had to work as a mercenary to survive.[1]

One day, as Jorge was digging through his last family heirlooms hoping to find something he could sell for a few coins, he stumbled upon his great-grandfather's ancestral sword, bearing the Brotherhood insignia. Intrigued, Jorge tracked the origin of the sword and eventually met with the Assassins.[1]

After realizing his family's past allegiance to the Brotherhood, Jorge decided to join them. He would fight alongside the Assassins while seeking vengeance against those who had shamed him and his family's name.[1]