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Jora Blood-Shoulder (born 852) was a Norse Viking who lived during the 9th century and was a member of the Raven Clan.[1]


Jora was born in 852 to parents who were part of the Raven Clan, and from the minute she was old enough to hold a weapon, she showed great talent for combat. She longed to prove herself and thus greatly revered her parents and other raiders who regularly sailed out.[1]

When Jora participated in her first raid once she was of age, she quickly earned the epithet "Blood-Shoulder" for her many victories in battle, and thereafter developed a reputation that was feared by rival clans throughout Norway. Seeing that their enemies grew terrified at the mere mention of Jora's name, the Raven Clan entrusted her with command to lead future raids and train young warriors.[1]

Behind the scenes

Jora Blood-Shoulder, a character from the 2018 mobile game Assassin's Creed: Rebellion, first appeared in the third mission for the Helix Rift Event titled The Ravens' Wound, which debuted from November 19–24, 2020 as a promotion for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla's release. In the mission, she was only referred to as "Raven Clan", and would remain nameless for the next 3 months until she was given a character profile in mid-February 2021 as part of the promotions for the release of Update 3.0.0 in March.