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Johnson Hall

Johnson Hall was the home of Sir William Johnson, located in John's Town, New York.


Commissioned by Johnson himself, in 1763, his 60-strong workforce of slaves earned him the title of the biggest slaveholder in the north. It was more of a homestead than a house – there was a sawmill and a grist mill on the property, and tenant farmers worked on the land.[1]

The exterior of the hall was wood painted to make it look like stone. However, the block houses on either of its sides were made of actual stone, meant for defensive purposes. The French and Indian War had just ended when the house was built, so it made sense to prepare the house for an attack.[1]

In 1774, Iroquois Chiefs convened at Johnson Hall to refute Johnson's attempt to buy their territory, including the village of Kanatahséton. When Johnson ordered his men to aim their rifles at the Chiefs, the Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton swiftly killed him and fled, preventing any native deaths.[2]


  • Even though the hall was built in 1763, the building could be visited during Haytham Kenway's memories, which took place in 1755.




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