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Johnson's Errand was a virtual representation of one of Haytham Kenway's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.[1]


Haytham asked William Johnson about the location of the storehouse of Those Who Came Before, but Johnson remarked that he could do nothing without his documents, which had been stolen. Haytham and Charles Lee then set out to recover the documents.

Memory Animus Feedback System[]

  • Shoot the powder kegs.
  • Retrieve the stolen chest.
  • Kill the ambushers.
  • Defend Lee and Hickey.
  • Shoot the remaining guards on the roof.
  • Shoot the lookout guard at the top of the cliff.
  • Climb the cliff to enter the hideout.


ACIII-JohnsonsErrand 1

Catherine and Cornelius arguing as Charles Lee and Haytham enter

Haytham and Charles Lee entered the Green Dragon Tavern, and witnessed an argument between Catherine Kerr and Cornelius Douglass.

  • Catherine: You lying, cheating, no-good sonofabitch!
  • Haytham: Perhaps we've come at a bad time?
  • Catherine: Oh! Don't be foolish, dearies! Please. Sit. Fancy something to eat? A drink, perhaps? Or is it a bed you require?
  • Charles: We've already let rooms here.
  • Cornelius: Oh, yes! Of course! Masters Lee and Kenway, was it? I'll have your bags brought up. Do you require anything further?
  • Haytham: Only privacy.
  • Charles: This way.

Charles and Haytham met with William Johnson.

  • Charles: Sir, William Johnson.
  • William: A pleasure. A good lad, if a bit earnest. I'm told you're putting together an expedition.
  • Haytham: We believe there's a precursor site in the region. I require your knowledge of the land and its people to find it.
ACIII-JohnsonsErrand 2

William's informing Haytham about his lost research

  • William: Sadly, my research has been stolen. Without it, I'm of no use to you.
  • Haytham: Then we'll find it. Do you have any leads?
  • William: My associate, Thomas Hickey, has been making the rounds. He's quite good at loosening tongues.
  • Haytham: Well tell me where I can find him. I'll see if I can't speed things up.
  • William: We've heard rumors of bandits operating from a compound southwest of here. You'll likely find him there.
  • Haytham: Charles.
  • Charles: Sir?
  • Haytham: We'd best be off.
  • Charles: Of course.

Haytham and Charles then made their way to the compound, where they met Thomas Hickey.

  • Haytham: Thomas Hickey?
  • Thomas: Who's askin'?
  • Haytham: Haytham Kenway.
  • Thomas: Is that s'pposed to mean somethin'?
  • Charles: Show some respect, boy.
  • Haytham: Peace, Charles. William Johnson sent us in the hopes we might... expedite your search.
ACIII-JohnsonsErrand 3

Haytham explaining his plan

  • Thomas: Don't need no expidittin' - don't need none of your fancy London-speak, neither. I've found the men that done the theft.
  • Charles: Then why are you just lazing around?
  • Thomas: Figgerin' out how to deal wit those varlets.
  • Haytham: I have an idea.
  • Thomas: Well let's 'ear it.
  • Haytham: I'll kill the lookout and take up position BEHIND the guards. You two approach from the front. When I open fire on the group, you charge in. We'll have the element of surprise on our side. Half will fall before they've even realized what's happened.

Haytham then killed the lookout.

  • Haytham: Get into position. But WAIT for me to take the first shot.

After that, Haytham entered the compound and moved behind the guards near the entrance.

  • Mercenary 1: You two - clear off!
  • Mercenary 2: Go on now - 'fore you make us mad.

Haytham took a musket from the rack and opened fire. Together, they fought their way to the back of the compound.

  • Thomas: So much for the element of surprise...
  • Charles: Reinforcements!
  • Thomas: Oi! 'Aytham! Shoot 'em 'fore they reach us.
  • Charles: Use those spare muskets and you won't have to reload!
  • Mercenary: Fall back! Fall back! We'll be safe inside!
  • Charles: What now?
  • Thomas: We can blow the door with those. Go on. Shoot 'em.

Haytham shot one of the barrels with gunpowder, blowing the door open and allowing them to continue onwards.

  • Thomas: On wit the show, then.
    Guess they wasn't so safe inside after all...
    Bet this'll fetch a pretty penny...
  • Haytham: Save your looting for AFTER we've found Johnson's research.
  • Thomas: Yes master.

Haytham and the others took Johnson's chest, but mercenaries appeared behind them.

  • Mercenary: Lay down your weapons and I'll consider letting you live.
  • Haytham: I make you the same offer. We've no quarrel. I only wish to return this chest to its rightful owner.
  • Mercenary: Nothing rightful about Mister Johnson.
  • Haytham: I won't ask again.
  • Mercenary: Agreed.
ACIII-JohnsonsErrand 5

Haytham warning the mercenary

The two groups then fought, with Haytham and his allies killing the mercenaries.

  • Haytham: Your kind has no need for books and maps. Who put you up to this?
  • Mercenary: Never seen a person. It's always been dead drops and letters. But they always pay, so we do the jobs.
  • Haytham: Well those days are done. Tell your masters I said as much.
  • Mercenary: Who should I say you are?
  • Haytham: You don't. They'll know.

The mercenary ran away as the group started back towards the tavern.

  • Thomas: Oi! 'Aytham! This one's got some shot on 'im. Ya might want to be grabbin' it on account of your pistol being parched.
  • Haytham: A shame so many had to die.
  • Thomas: Aye. Terrible tragedy that.

Haytham looted one of the bodies for ammunition.

  • Thomas: Back to the Green Dragon, then. I need a drink.

More mercenaries attacked them.

  • Thomas: Careful gents. We've got company.
  • Haytham: Don't let go of the chest, Charles. We'll take care of this rabble.
  • Thomas: Look at those badgers! Runnin' around all hubble de shuff!
  • Charles: A little help, please!
  • Thomas: Quit yer cryin', I'm comin'!
  • Charles: Thomas!
  • Thomas: Wot?
  • Charles: Over there, that's what! Deal with them!

They killed the attackers.

  • Thomas: Wait! Them bodies is sure to have loot on 'em. Would be a shame to let it all go to waste.
  • Charles: Are you mad?! In case you'd forgotten, we're in the midst of something.
  • Thomas: Aww. Why's you always got ta go an spoil the sport?

Haytham and Thomas fought off more attackers.

  • Charles: I hope whatever's in this chest is worth it...
  • Thomas: Come on, now. It's just a few fools with knives...they ain't so tough.
  • Charles: It's not the scoundrels I'm concerned with...

The group killed the last of the mercenaries.

  • Haytham: That seems to be the last of them.
  • Thomas: Oi! Mister Johnson's gonna need to double my pay after all dis if he expects me to keep at 'is side.

Together, they made their way back to the tavern.

ACIII-JohnsonsErrand 8

William examining the key

  • Haytham: There you are.
  • William: My thanks, Master Kenway. Now tell my what it is you need.
  • Haytham: The images on this amulet - are they familiar to you? Perhaps one of the tribes has shown you something similar?
  • William: It appears Kanien'kehá:ka in origin.
  • Haytham: Can you trace it to a specific location? I need to know where it came from.
  • William: With my research returned, perhaps. Let me see what I can do. Thomas?
  • Thomas: Wot?
  • William: Rent yourself a room. And a bath as well... I suspect we'll be here for awhile.


Haytham, Charles and Thomas managed to return William Johnson's research, allowing him to work on finding the site of the ancient storehouse.



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