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John II of Alençon (French: Jean II d'Alençon; 1409 – 1476) was a Duke of Alençon during the Hundred Years' War.

John was a French Assassin novice who was trained alongside Jeanne d'Arc and Gabriel Laxart but eventually joined the Templar Order after the Brotherhood left Jeanne to be executed. Unknown to him and Laxart, the Assassins had in fact secretly saved the young woman.


On 17 August 1424, after the Battle of Verneuil, John was captured by the English and imprisoned at Le Crotoy. Upon his release in 1429, he travelled to Chinon to the home of the Dauphin Charles VII. On 7 March, John was introduced to Jeanne d'Arc. Impressed with her devotion he offered to purchase her a battle-hardened steed and sword. Jeanne, however, denied the offer for a sword saying she had already found one. John could also see Jeanne's radiance, owing to his latent ability.[1] From 9 to 12 March, John kept Jeanne company in Poitiers while she waited for Gabriel to return with the sword he had gone to retrieve for her.[2]



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