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John Fraser (1721 – 16 April 1773) was a Scottish-American explorer and fur trader who served as a lieutenant during the French and Indian War, after the French captured his home during the conquest of the nearby Fort Prince George. Fraser served under George Washington during the failed attempt to reclaim the fort.


Born in Scotland, Fraser left the country sometime after 1745 due to the political instablity in the Kingdom of Great Britain. Fraser and his family were members of the Jacobites, supporters who aimed to restore the House of Stuart to the British throne, but were failing in their rebellion.[1]

Fraser came to North America and set up trade along the Allegheny River, disputed between the British and the French. After being forced out of his cabin by the French, Fraser moved further up river near modern day Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, built a new cabin and continued trading.[1]

In the 1750s, he became one of the Pennsylvanian settlers to build a fort on the site of Fort Duquesne when the French attempt to take over the land again.[1] When the French and Indian War broke out in 1754, Fraser subsequently served as Chief Scout of the Braddock Expedition. Fraser spoke with George Washington at Fort St-Mathieu when Haytham Kenway infiltrated it to learn of Braddock's location; he expressed disappointment at the news Braddock had turned down a truce with the French.[2] After the expedition's failure, Fraser gave up reclaiming his home and moved to Tuscarora Valley and eventually settled at Fort Bedford.[1]



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