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"Everything is everything! There is no nothing!"
Shell Of A Man

Johan in Bombastus' laboratory

Johan was Bombastus' apprentice in Basel. He became insane after having looked into the pages of the mysterious tome known as the Book.


In 1520, the Assassin Giovanni Borgia visited Bombastus in Basel, bearing a Crystal Skull he had retrieved in Tenochtitlan. Upon his arrival, Giovanni passed by Johan scratching at the laboratory floor, and was alarmed at both the madness he shouted, and the small wounds on his head.[1]

Giovanni suspected that the wounds had been caused by Bombastus experimenting on the man, and angrily demanded an answer from the scholar. Bombastus, however, assured Giovanni that the wounds had merely been caused by Johan's own fingernails.[1]

Johan claimed to know the future, and cried out scattered thoughts that reminded Giovanni of his own hallucinations during his childhood, which had been caused by being healed by the Piece of Eden called the Shroud.[1]

In the midst of his raving, Johan asked Giovanni for "Consus", an ancient entity that the Assassin had imagined seeing during his youth. When Giovanni ordered him to repeat himself, Johan only responded that he had said "consent".[1]