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Jochi Khan was an altered representation of one of Qulan Gal's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


First dialogue

  • Qulan: Look. Up ahead are the flags of the Jochid.
  • Darim: There are fewer guards posted than I would have imagined.
  • Qulan: Winter is not yet at a close. A great many of the men are away on the hunt.
  • Darim: That many of them hunt at a time?
  • Qulan: The hunt is very important to the Mongols, and strictly organized. It is to keep men in shape for war during the months where there is little war to be found.
  • Darim: I see. Even with so many gone, to navigate the camp will still require great care.
  • Qulan: Indeed. A light patrol is not the same as no patrol. We should still enter the camp well past nightfall, and do so silently.
  • Darim: I know how to move without being heard. Do you know wich tent belongs to Jochi?
  • Qulan: No, but it will be large and well guarded, which restricts the possibilities. Once inside, I will recognize the man.
  • Darim: Very well. I will follow your lead.


  • Jochi: What's this? Intruders!
  • Qulan: We've been spotted. Run!
  • Jochi: After them, men! Let none live!
  • Qulan: The camp is on high alert. We will have to try again another day.


  • Jochi: Are you proud of yourself?
  • Qulan: This was not an act of pride, but of necessity. You cannot be allowed to expand the empire any further west.
  • Jochi: It makes no difference. My father will send another to take my place. He will likely send one he favors more than I. You have not stopped the fall of the Holy Land, only delayed it a time.
  • Qulan: Time is what we need. That time will give us the opportunity to weaken the Horde further.
  • Jochi: You would go after my father, then? Assassinate the great Genghis Khan just as you have his eldest son?
  • Qulan: Yes. He must be stopped.
  • Jochi: Then I wish you luck.
  • Qulan: What? Why do you wish ill on your father?
  • Jochi: I do not wish him ill, but he and I have much to discuss. A lifetime of differences to work out. Send him to me, so that we might speak again. And on level terms, for once.
  • Qulan: It will be done, but not for your sake.
  • Jochi: I would expect not. You have already done more than enough on my account.
  • Qulan: Go, then, and await your father. Be at peace.


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