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ACCC DB The Jinyiwei

The Jinyiwei was the imperial secret police force of the Ming dynasty. As the personal guards of the emperors, they took orders directly from the throne and were beholden to no other authority. This privileged them with the power to act without legal oversight and to even overrule most judicial authorities.[1]

As a result, they could detain, arrest, prosecute, and execute anyone without regards to due process. Though they were initially the instruments of the Emperor's will, in later years years of the dynasty, they were formally placed under the command of a police agency run by eunuchs.[1]


  • Jǐnyīwèi (錦衣衛) literally translates to "embroidered uniform guard", sometimes used as its English name, or "brocade-clad guard".
  • Despite having a database entry devoted to them in Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China, the Jinyiwei never make an actual appearance in the game.



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