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This article is about the jewelry made from precious stones. You may be looking for precious stones in themselves.
Jeweled Brooch

A jeweled brooch

A jeweled brooch, also referred to less accurately as a precious stone, is a brooch decorated with one or more gemstones.

Due to their luxurious nature, jeweled brooches have historically been accessories of the wealthy, and it was the custom of aristocratic men to gift them to ladies as a means of courting.[1]


The Assassin Aveline de Grandpré of the Louisiana Brotherhood had a fondness for collecting brooches. Between 1764 and 1778, she charmed gentlemen throughout New Orleans with her feminine grace, and the enamored men presented her with jeweled brooches. Upon collecting ten brooches in such a manner, she traded them for a pink, charming dress at a local tailor's store.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

ACL Charming Dress Outfit

The Charming Dress

In Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, the jeweled brooches are the designated collectible for the Lady Persona. To collect, the player must charm gentlemen around New Orleans while wearing the lady outfit, an activity that becomes available beginning in Sequence 4.

Collecting all ten jeweled brooches awards the player with the Charming Dress which can then be purchased for free at any tailor shop. The dress has a special attribute which gives a 50% discount to all bribes while worn.