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Jeska was an Egyptian smuggler who operated in the Sapi-Res Nome during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Around 48 BCE, Sais was ruled by Sefetu, also known as the Firebrand, a ruthless governor who heavily taxed and abused the villagers, leading many of them to flee the town. Harkhuf, the town's brewer, worked alongside Jeska to evacuate the villagers out of the town, bringing them to Jeska's own village, Mefkat, to seek shelter. However, on one occasion, she was captured by Sefetu's men and brought to Fort Nikiou, where she was tortured, suffering burns and scar on the left side of her face. Believed dead, Jeska was eventually able to escape the fort through an underground stream to the river.[1]

Jeska later resumed her activities, with only her close friend Amosis, a fish merchant, aware of her true fate. Harkhuf believed Jeska to be dead and thus sent the Medjay Bayek of Siwa to recruit Amosis. The merchant directed Bayek to Jeska, who was sailing a felucca with supplies to her village, but was stopped by hippopotamuses. The Medjay found Jeska, and helped her fend off the attacking beasts before escorting her and the supplies back to the village. However, they found the village burned down, with Sefetu's soldiers still around, looting and looking to kill any survivors. Bayek helped Jeska eliminate the soldiers, and in the process, they found and rescued Pentu, one of the Saisians Jeska had smuggled out. They brought Pentu to farm of Jeska's cousins, Ipi and Abana, to treat his wounds.[1]

Thanking Bayek for his help, Jeska returned to Sais, only to discover that Harkhuf had been taken by Sefetu's men to Fort Nikiou. She was joined by Bayek shortly afterwards, and hearing of what had happened, Bayek agreed to head to Fort Nikiou to rescue Harkhuf. Before Bayek left, Jeska informed him of a entrance to the fort through an underground stream to the river, which she had previously used to escape.[2]




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