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A tower that served as a medieval fortress in the Old City of Jerusalem comprised the core of a larger military compound in the district and was favored as a base by the Crusaders during the Third Crusade.


Under the control of the Crusaders, the commander of the fortress was a cryptic Templar who adopted the attire of the Assassins, and his own personal banner was an inversion of the Assassin insignia, which he hung from the entrance to the tower.[1]

In 1190, the Templars competed with the Assassins for the retrieval of a powerful artifact called the Chalice, located within the Temple of Sand. The precise location of this elusive temple remained unknown until the Templars managed to acquire a map detailing just that. This map was in the possession of the Master of the Tower, who safe-guarded it in his fortress and was to be presented to the Templar leader Basilisk.[1]

Before Basilisk arrived, however, Assassins under the command of Hazad stole the map. For this failure, the Crusaders feared they would be punished with execution if Basilisk caught wind of it. As a result, they were expedient in tracking the theft to Hazad’s shop, raiding and retrieving it, but their race back to the tower was dogged by the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad.[1]

With the map back at the tower, Altaïr launched his assault. Though he could not elude detection, even with the whole of the forces of the citadel rallied to its defence, it could not stop his advance. When he reached the base of the tower, the Master of the Tower’s apprentice welcomed him from the roof. Within the lobby, the Master greeted Altaïr with an invitation to join the Templars. When this was rebuffed, a duel commenced that ended with the Master’s retreat, now aware that he had underestimated his opponent’s strength. Altaïr’s pursuit was stalled by many guards, but none were capable of defeating him. After the Assassin killed the apprentice, he caught up with the Master, resuming their fight and pushing him higher in the tower to the map room. There, in a third and final confrontation, the Master fell to his adversary.[1]


  • The fortress is known throughout the memory only as the "tower."



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