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Jerome (c. 342–347 – 420), also known as Jerome of Stridon and venerated as Saint Jerome, was a Latin priest and scholar. He is the patron saint of librarians and encyclopedia writers[1] and also worked as a translator of the Bible in the 5th century.[2]


In 15th century Venice, a church was founded and dedicated to Saint Jerome, though later it was rededicated to the visit of Elizabeth by Mary the mother of Jesus, and so became known as Santa Maria della Visitazione.[1]

In circa 1480, Leonardo da Vinci painted St. Jerome in the Wilderness, what remained an unfinished depiction of Saint Jerome during his retreat into the Syrian desert.[3][4]

In 1609, the Spanish artist El Greco painted a rendition of the saint as a scholar, rather than his usual portrayal as a ascetic.[5] During the Golden Age of Piracy, the Welsh pirate Edward Kenway acquired said painting of Saint Jerome as a cardinal, an unusual rendering of him as a scholar rather than an ascetic.[2]




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