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"The mother who is wakened by a roar and catches sight of blazing flames beside her, will lift her son and run without a stop – she cares more for the child than for herself."
―Stoddard applying a quote from Dante Alighieri's Inferno to Querry, 1692.[src]

Jennifer Querry (died 1692) was a British nurse and Assassin active during the Salem witch trials. She is also an ancestor of Joseph Laurier, a 21st century Assassin whose loyalty had come into question.

Newly recruited to the Brotherhood, Querry was assigned the task of aiding Tom Stoddard, a known expert in locating Pieces of Eden, during his time in Salem. Together, the two Assassins discovered that a young girl named Dorothy Osborne was tied to Consus, a being of the First Civilization.


Finding the Piece of Eden

Querry: "I'm a nurse. It allows me close proximity to the girls."
Stoddard: "Pretending to be a nurse? Cunning."
Querry: "In truth, I am a nurse. This is my first assignment for the Brotherhood."
—Querry and Stoddard conversing, 1692.[src]

Little is known of Querry's background beyond the fact that she was a nurse prior to joining the Assassin Brotherhood. In 1692, she was sent into the field for the first time, being tasked with scouting Salem and gathering information about a potential Piece of Eden. Using her profession as nurse to blend in, Querry soon realized that Reverend Samuel Parris and Justice William Stoughton, both of whom belonged to the Templar Order, were looking for the artifact as well and taking women accused of witchcraft to an unknown location.[1]

After a month, Querry was to be joined by the more experienced Tom Stoddard; however, their planned meeting went awry when Templar agents arrived at the rendezvous point before her. Stoddard did not fall for their ruse and easily dispatched the two men, while Querry took out a third attacker that had been trying to sneak up on her fellow Assassin. She then introduced herself to Stoddard, who quickly blamed her for unwittingly revealing their presence in town, as the Templar agents had known the watchwords for the meeting.[1]

As punishment, Querry was ordered to dispose of their attackers' bodies, following which she guided Stoddard around Salem and told him what she had learned. Afterwards, she led Stoddard to the warehouse where the women suspected of witchcraft were being kept, noting that the amount of girls inside was not nearly high enough to match the amount she had seen enter. Stoddard remarked that the building could be a trap, but nevertheless went inside.[1]

Querry and Stoddard finding the prisoners

Querry followed soon after, but, apart from a guard that Stoddard had taken out, the warehouse was abandoned. While Stoddard groused at having been fooled, Querry examined the room and decided to douse the fireplace, which hid a secret staircase. Underneath the warehouse, the two Assassins found a prison filled with people; Querry wanted to free them, but Stoddard reminded her to stay focused on their goal.[1]

They decided to release Dorothy Osborne and the mute boy David, actually Querry's son,[2] from their cells, after the former promised to show them the artifact's location. However, Dorothy merely led the group to an empty room, leading Stoddard to grow agitated and threaten her. In response, Querry admonished him, reminding him of the Creed. As the group heard the sounds of an approaching mob, Dorothy's eyes turned white and she appeared to become possessed, repeating the last words of Stoddard's father. Stoddard concluded she was the Piece of Eden they were looking for and readied himself to defend Querry and the others from an oncoming wave of attackers.[1]

Conflict with Stoddard

"We let her go because you did your task well, goodman. You made her believe in your cause above all else [...] We simply followed her to your little boat... and the girl."
―Stoughton explaining how they found the Assassins, 1692.[src]

As Stoddard fought the mobsmen, Querry sought a way out, eventually finding one with the help of David. Stoddard then set the underground base aflame, deterring their pursuers while they escaped. Once they reached the outside, the group set a course for an Assassin ship moored off the coast, but exhaustion soon set in.[3]

Querry was adamant about carrying David, but Stoddard recognized she would not be able to hold out all the way to the ship and still unaware of their family ties, decided to send the boy to a contact in Ipswich. Querry rejected the idea of leaving David behind, leading the Assassins to quarrel over the importance of the mission again. Their argument was interrupted when a gunshot rang out, signalling that the townsmen had caught up with them.[3]

Querry getting hit by a bullet

Stoddard ordered Querry to run, but she refused to abandon David and ran to his side. She attempted to lift him from the ground, but was shot in the abdomen before she could do so. Stoddard, seeing both Querry and David incapacitated, chose to escape with Dorothy; unbeknownst to Stoddard, however, Querry managed to get away as well, though she had to leave David behind.[3]

After bandaging her wound, Querry tracked Stoddard down, finding him and Dorothy in hiding near the coast. She confessed to abandoning David, but Stoddard attacked her, believing her to be a traitor to the Brotherhood. Before she could defend herself, Stoddard was assaulted by Templars, with Stoughton gloating that they had let Querry escape so they could follow her back to her compatriots. Both Assassins were subsequently tied up and taken away to be tortured for information.[3]


Querry: "I understand your devotion to duty. But you are still a bastard. I have my own duty."
Stoddard: "Nurse... Don't be rash."
—Querry and Stoddard moments before the former's death, 1692.[src]

Querry choking a guard with her restraints

Stoughton attempted to break Stoddard first, but the Assassin stubbornly refused to divulge what he had learned, causing the Templar to turn his attention to Querry. Although she too stayed quiet, Querry relented when Stoughton threatened to torture David. However, before she could speak, Dorothy once again became possessed by Consus, distracting the Templars.[2]

Querry seized the opportunity to quietly choke a guard using the bindings around her hands. She then used his knife to free herself and Stoddard, but before she could reach her son and Dorothy, Stoughton shot her, with the wound quickly proving fatal. In the end, Dorothy committed suicide, while Stoddard and David were allowed to leave by Parris; Stoddard would go on to care for the orphaned boy after he eventually deduced that he was Querry's son.[2]

Personality and characteristics

"I joined the Brotherhood for a reason: that humanity - all humanity - must be free. I may not be a fighter, but I believe in that battle. Any man who leaves a child to die, fights for nothing."
―Querry criticizing Stoddard, 1692.[src]

Querry refusing to leave David behind

As a new recruit of the Assassin Brotherhood, Querry was fairly idealistic, which led her to clash with Stoddard's more pragmatic, mission-oriented approach several times. While she openly showed concern for the innocent people that had been abducted by the Templars and desired to free them, her compatriot reasoned that achieving their goal would end the cruel deeds of their enemies. Querry also tended to cite the Creed whenever Stoddard's methods became too aggressive for her liking.[1]

Their differences came to a head when Stoddard opted to leave David behind because he was slowing them down, which Querry considered cruel. Even in the face of danger, she refused to abandon him, arguing with Stoddard that there had to be "more than the damn mission." When she was forced to leave David to ensure her own survival, she resented her fellow Assassin for having put her in that position.[3]

While she was not unintelligent, Querry's lack of experience in the field occasionally led her to make tactical mistakes. Most glaringly, she failed to consider that the Templars allowed her to get away so they could follow her to Stoddard and Dorothy, inadvertently causing their capture.[3] This, coupled with the love she felt for her son, is what eventually led her to die at the hands of Stoughton.[2]

Equipment and skills

"I don't need this, an amateur guiding me. She is keeping up though. Still, climbing is one thing. Surviving is another."
―Stoddard on Querry's skills, 1692.[src]

Querry proved herself to be a skilled freerunner, being able to keep up with the more experienced Stoddard. While she did not seem to share his prowess in open combat,[3] she was quite adept at sneaking up on targets from behind and choking them with wire or rope.[1]


  • Jennifer is a Cornish form of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar, composed of the elements gwen meaning "fair, white" and hwyfar meaning "smooth".




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