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Jenkins (died 2010) was an operative for Sigma Team, which served Abstergo Industries in hunting down and murdering Assassins.


In 2010, he and his team accompanied Dr. Warren Vidic to the home of Juhani Otso Berg, a former member of the Finnish Utti Jaeger regiment, with the intention of recruiting him for their Animi Training Program. In order to convince him, Vidic offered him an off-the-market medicine which could cure his daughter, Elina Berg, of her cystic fibrosis. Jenkins demonstrated the cure, waking the little girl up in the process and causing her to cry. Berg agreed to help, but pointed out Jenkins as having upset his daughter.

Vidic, understanding, ordered Jenkins to hand Berg his weapon. The operative initially refused, but acquiesced when Vidic asked a second time and handed the gun over. Berg promptly shot him dead with it.



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