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Jeannot Bullet (d. November 1791) was a leader of the slave rebellion of Haitian Revolution, and a member of the Saint-Dominigue Brotherhood of Assassins.


Alongside his Brothers, Bullet planned an uprising against the white colonists of Saint-Domingue, hoping to ensure freedom for the colony's slaves. During a vodou ceremony at Bois Caïman in 1791, Bullet, Jean-François Papillon and Georges Biassou were prophesized to become leaders of the rebellion by Dutty Boukman.

However, by August 1791, Bullet had begun to brutally slaughter the whites and mulattoes living in the colony, much to the disgust of his Brothers Eseosa and Toussaint Bréda. Eseosa, wanting to not make the same mistakes as François Mackandal did decades earlier, had Biassou and Papillon capture Bullet. Eseosa sentenced Bullet to die for breaking the first tenet of their Creed, to which Bullet only responded with laughter, saying they would never succeed in their rebellion.


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