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Jean Delacroix (fl. 15th–16th century) was a French Assassin mentored by Niccolò Machiavelli who joined the Spanish Brotherhood in their fight against the Inquisition.


Born during the Renaissance, Jean Delacroix was a noble French knight at the court of Charles VIII. A powerful warrior and highly religious man, Jean lived by a strong moral code based on the Christian philosophy of love and compassion.[1]

The pervasive corruption of the Church distressed him and he spoke out wherever possible. As a result, the Templars used their political influence to have Jean stripped of his title and disgraced. During his trial, Delacroix met the Italian Assassin Niccolò Machiavelli who educated him about the philosophy of humanism and the Templars' hidden activities. It was then that he learned of the Brotherhood and their mission.[1]

Machiavelli invited Jean to travel to Spain, where his strength and faith could be of service to a local Brotherhood in their fight against the evils of the Inquisition. Eager to fight this symbol of a lost and corrupt church controlled by the Templars, Jean accepted and set out to start anew in another country.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • "Jean" is a masculine French given name derived from the Old French Jehan. Derived from the Koine Greek Ioannes (Ιωαννης), which itself is derived from the Biblical Hebrew name Yochanan, meaning "YHWH/The Lord is Gracious". "Delacroix" is a French family name meaning "of the Cross". Its Spanish variant "de la Cruz" is shared by Flora de la Cruz and Charlotte de la Cruz.
  • Jean Delacroix was a French noble yet didn't display the usual Nobiliary particle (de, du, des, de la, d') in his family name. As he was stripped of his titles, "Jean de la Croix" could have possibly dropped the particle from his name after his trial.
  • Jean is based on Jonathan Lavergne, Assassin's Creed: Rebellion's project content manager. [citation needed]