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"You can be a great Assassin without being a great killer, Jayadeep."
―Pyara Kaur.[src]

Jayadeep Mir (born 1843), known as "the Ghost" and more commonly as Sir Henry Green, was an Indian-born member of the British Brotherhood of Assassins, based in London, during the 1860s.

The son of Arbaaz Mir, a Kashmiri Master Assassin of the Indian Brotherhood, and Princess Pyara Kaur of the Sikh Empire, Jayadeep was the grandson of the Maharaja, Kharak Singh, and the great-grandson of the Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He was also the great-nephew, and an associate, of Duleep Singh, the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire also exiled in London during the Victorian era.

In 1868, Jayadeep became mentor to the twins Jacob and Evie Frye, two Assassins from outside of the city, and aided in the mission to kill Crawford Starrick, Grand Master of the British Templars.

Following an unsuccessful assassination attempt by Starrick on Queen Victoria, Jayadeep and the Fryes were knighted by the Queen and became members of the Order of the Sacred Garter. Jayadeep later married Evie Frye and the two emigrated to India.


Early years

"He lacks the killer instinct. The boy can kill and no doubt will, but he lacks something we have, you and I, or perhaps he has something we lack."
―Ethan Frye, explaining Jayadeep's weakness to his father Arbaaz.[src]

Jayadeep Mir was born within the borders of the Sikh Empire on 7 December 1843, to the Indian Assassin Arbaaz Mir and Princess Pyara Kaur, the daughter of Maharaja Kharak Singh.[1]

The young boy spent his childhood idolizing his father and his stories and was told that greatness lay ahead of him. Due to his charisma, he was able to twist his family and household to his will.[2]

In 1847, Jayadeep began training under his father to join the Assassins, and was discovered to have extraordinary, almost supernatural potential. In order not to hinder the training of such a talented Assassin with a parental bond, Arbaaz called upon his friend, Ethan Frye, to tutor his son.[2]

Ethan taught him swordsmanship and theories, putting the teachings into practice in the streets of the city. Though confused at first over his tutor's harsh manner and rough tone, the two eventually developed a mentor-pupil bond.[2]

One day, Ethan ordered Jayadeep to return with information using covert means as an exercise in stealth. The boy returned to Ethan with gossip about his mentor, and learned that Ethan's wife had died during childbirth. His mentor confirmed this and, in his own way, admitted that his friendship with the boy had awakened a parental instinct.[2]

However, as he let Jayadeep train using steel kukris, he discovered a serious problem with Jayadeep. As he was leaving for Britain in 1853, Ethan declared to a furious Arbaaz, that if indeed Jayadeep had tremendous Assassin skills, he would never be a true warrior because he lacked a killer instinct.[2]

In order to let him prove his worth, the Indian Brotherhood sent Jayadeep out on a mission in 1860 to kill the Templar Tjinder Dani with the weapon garrotte. Using his extraordinary skills in freerunning and discretion, he eventually found himself in his sleeping target's room. However, the boy hesitated, causing the coin in the garrotte to fall and awaken Dani. The two wrestled down to the streets and Arbaaz was forced to assassinate Dani and the guards himself.[2]

Shamed for breaking the tenets of the Creed, Jayadeep was imprisoned at an Assassin base called The Darkness to await execution. Fortunately, Ethan caught news of his student's plight and returned to India in order to save his former pupil. Through Arbaaz' permission, Jayadeep was instead banished to England to live a humble life in the aid of the Assassins there under the pseudonym "The Ghost". Ethan gave him some money and required that the Ghost blend in with the poor and find a home by himself.[2]

Searching for the Apple

Arriving in London, Jayadeep worked on the world's first underground railway, taking the name Bharat Singh. He was required to check the gravestone in Marylebone Church for Ethan's messages and warnings. Without a proper home, Jayadeep took up residence in the Thames Tunnel along with other homeless beggars. There, he befriended the street urchin Charlie, the beggar Jake and saved an elderly woman called Maggie from her attackers in the Marylebone Church. In addition to eliminating the criminals in the Thames Tunnel, he also served as the tunnel's guardian and personally aided his new acquaintances.[2]

In 1862, Jayadeep disposed of the body of Robert Waugh, whom Ethan Frye assassinated, in the railway dig site at which he was working to observe the Templar Cavanagh, known by the Assassins to be using the construction to uncover a Piece of Eden buried there. When Police Constable Frederick Abberline came to investigate the body, Jayadeep began ingratiating himself with Cavanagh to gain more intel.[2]

Building a network

"Brother George. It is as I feared. London has fallen. Thrice I have written to you, begging your aid. Thrice you've responded - with silence. And yet I write again, so desperate my need, so few my options. I need you. London needs you."
―Henry Green writing to George Westhouse, 1868.[src]

Some years later, on the advice of his mother, Jayadeep later opened a curiosity-shop and took the alias "Henry Green", after a name he heard repeatedly following his arrival in the county, and the color of the hat he was wearing at the time.[2]

By 1868, the British Brotherhood was deeply weakened, and as one of the last remaining Assassins in the city, Green became the leader of the Assassins in London. He wrote to his friend George Westhouse to petition the Assassin Council of Crawley for aid.[3]

Meeting the Frye twins

"Two Assassins. Equal in height. One female, one male. Two decades old, and those devilish smiles. You must be the Frye twins."
―Henry Green, upon meeting the Frye twins, 1868.[src]

Henry meeting the Frye twins

One day, Green encountered the Frye twins, who hailed from Crawley, and assumed that the Council had sent them. He then brought them up to speed on Grand Master Crawford Starrick's dominion over the city. The Frye twins then began to disagree on a course of action; Jacob wanted to form a gang called the Rooks to cripple Starrick's control, while Evie wanted to find the Piece of Eden in his possession.[4]

Subsequently, the three Assassins bumped into Charles Dickens. While Jacob was easily dismissive of the author, Green advised the young Assassin to consider keeping a network of contacts, as Dickens knew every influential figure in the city. Unfortunately, a pair of Blighters attempted to follow them, forcing Green to split off from the Fryes, instructing them to keep the Blighters away from his shop, handing them a pair of pistols.[4]

When the Frye twins later arrived at his shop, Green showed them sketches of his allies, Sergeant Frederick Abberline and Clara O'Dea. He also provided information on Rexford Kaylock, a Templar desiring to acquire Green's research on the First Civilization.[4]

As the newly formed Rooks began to stir up resistance against Kaylock's power base in Whitechapel, Green informed the twins that Kaylock's gang wanted a street fight to settle the dispute, and provided them with kukris. Following Kaylock's assassination, the Assassins commandeered his train as a mobile headquarters. Noticing that Jacob was obsessed with Kaylock's grappling gun, which was damaged in the fight, Green introduced the twins to his friend Alexander Graham Bell, who modified it for their gauntlets.[5]

Searching for the Shroud

Upon meeting back at the train, Green showed the twins the hierarchy of Starrick's inner circle, most whose identities were unknown. While Jacob focused on the Templars, Green assisted Evie in her search for the Piece of Eden. Evie and Jacob had recovered an Assassin journal from Lucy Thorne and Evie used her Eagle Vision to find a hidden image of a ship. The trail led to Edward Kenway's mansion, where Thorne and her henchmen were tearing the place apart. Green and Evie infiltrated the mansion and made their way into piano room, where they found a secret room underneath, where they found a hidden key. However, Thorne had found the secret passageway, forcing Green to seal it. He and Evie then escaped via secret passage.[6]

After Evie lost to the key to the Shroud's vault to Thorne, she and Green looked through their research and determined that the probable location of the Shroud was the Tower of London. Green advised her to seek out his ally in the fortress guard for assistance. Though Evie discovered that the Shroud was not in the Tower, she was able to assassinate Thorne.[7]

After determining that the vault may be under Buckingham Palace, Green and Evie went to meet his great-uncle, Maharajah Duleep Singh, who informed them that the blueprints for the palace had been confiscated by the Templars. In the Assassins' attempt to get it back, Green was captured by the Templars and taken to the sewers beneath a church in the Strand. He was rescued by Evie, who chose to forgo recovering the plans. After escaping the Templars, Evie advised Green to see Florence Nightingale to attend to his head injury and return to the train while she would go see Singh again. Green reminded her that she couldn't enter Buckingham Palace alone, and she promised that wouldn't happen.[8]

Green later returned to the train and intervened in an argument between the Frye twins, informing them that his spies had learned that Starrick was planning on infiltrating the palace to get the Shroud and then kill all the heads of state and the Church. This prompted the Fryes to agree to work together one last time.[9]

Green later infiltrated the vault, where Starrick had obtained the Shroud and had the Frye twins at his mercy. He threw a knife at the Grand Master's back to release the Fryes, but was knocked unconscious when he charged at Starrick head-on. However, his intervention allowed the Fryes to relieve Starrick of the Shroud and successfully kill him. When Green regained consciousness, Evie assured him that he saved the mission instead of jeopardizing it, and she expressed her acceptance of their working in the field together, prompting the pair to share a kiss. The Assassins then returned the Shroud back to its casing.[10]

The Assassins later met with Queen Victoria, who was informed by Abberline of their deeds and promptly knighted them into the Order of the Sacred Garter. After the Queen departed their presence, Green watched Jacob and Evie make amends before they excitedly raced each other back to the train.[10]

Back in India

Over the year, Green and Evie had developed romantic feelings for each other and they became a couple following the death of Starrick. Green eventually proposed to Evie and the pair later relocated to India where Green was accepted back into the Indian Brotherhood.[11]

Henry and Evie saving agent Tommy

In 1872, while Evie and Henry were in London, they were contacted by Abberline who requested their assistance in foiling the plans of Alice, an American Templar present in the city to steal pages of the Voynich manuscript hidden in the British Museum. Assisted by Tommy Greyling, a Pinkerton agent, and Mark Twain, the Assassins failed to stop the Templar and her Blighter henchmen from recovering the artifact and flee England.[12]

Around 1873, Evie and Henry welcomed Jacob and several British initiates to India, so they could learn the fear tactics of the Indian Brotherhood, Evie's new brothers.[13]

Personality and characteristics

A scholar, Green had developed an extensive knowledge about London's society and inner workings. He was also good at making connections and gaining the trust of peoples, his network throughout London became very useful when he helped the Frye twins in their quest to bring down the Templar control over London in 1868.[11]

While both sincere and hard-working, Green had a human side to him that many other Assassins lacked. Despite his exile, Green never lost hope of returning to India someday, after having proved to be a capable field agent.[11]

Equipment and skills

Although he was raised as an Assassin since birth and displayed incredible and almost supernatural skill as an Assassin, Henry was more inclined towards books than he was to violence and proven to be a mediocre fighter as he was not permitted a Hidden Blade until his mother gave him a confiscated blade.[2] In 1868, he was captured by a group of thugs working for the Templars and it was Evie Frye who had to save him. In his battle with Starrick, Henry managed to hit the Grand Master in the shoulder with a throwing knife and cut him in the stomach using hidden blade.[10]


  • Jayadeep is a Sikh name meaning Light of Victory, while Mir is a Kashmiri clan or tribe between present day India and Pakistan. Mir is also a loanword from the Arabic emir, amir, and thus has the meaning of "leader, commander, prince" in aforementioned places.
  • Bharat is a Hindi word meaning India, while Singh is a very common surname in India that is derived from Sinha, meaning "lion".