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Javier Mondragón (born 2000) is a childhood friend of Owen Meyers, as well as a descendant of Shay Cormac. After receiving basic training from Griffin, Javier was offered to join the Assassin Brotherhood.


Early life

Childhood friends with Owen since third grade, Javier began distancing himself from his friend after Owen's father, arrested for robbing a bank, died in prison. As Javier was hiding his homosexuality, he wanted to avoid dealing with Owen's issues on top of his own. Around 2015, however, Javier came out to his family who were ultimately accepting, which allayed his fears that their Catholic and Baptist backgrounds would mean otherwise but his brother Mani ended up in jail after assaulting a man for calling Javier a "faggot".[1]

Introduction to Monroe

About a year later, Javier was approached by Owen who asked for help in proving his father's innocence. Owen wanted to use a clandestine Animus owned and modified by the mysterious Monroe to relive his father's memories of the bank robbery. Although Monroe revealed that he could not help Owen due to the limitations of the Animus and that of his own DNA, Javier's curiosity led them into using it anyway. Together the pair subsequently experienced the genetic memories of their respective ancestors, who met during the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire.[1]

During the session, Javier felt the power of one of the Pieces of Eden firsthand when Hernán Cortés used it on his ancestor Chimalpopoca. The discovery of clues potentially leading to the Trident of Eden also attracted the attention of both the Assassin Brotherhood and the Templar Order.[1]

Search for the Trident of Eden

The first prong

Monroe gathered Javier and Owen, along with Natalya Aliyev, Sean Molloy, Grace and David Collins, revealing that they have Assassin and/or Templar ancestry and that they share Genetic Memory Concordance, as their ancestors had contact with Pieces of Eden. He asked them to go into the Animus to find a Dagger of Eden, the same one Javier and Owen saw before, in the New York City draft riots in 1863, promising that he'll hide it so the Assassins and Templars would leave them alone.[1]

Under the tutelage of Monroe and thanks to the modification he had made to the Animus, Javier relived the memories of his ancestor Templar Cudgel Cormac, while the other members of the teenage group were looking for clues in the lives of their own ancestors. As a result of using the Animus, Javier began to feel the influence of the Bleeding Effect, with Cudgel's mind attempting to influence him to kill Owen. Ultimately, it was Grace, through her ancestor Eliza, who determined that the dagger was in Ulysses S. Grant's house.[1]

However, the use of an Animus did not go unnoticed by the Templars, and a team of agents was sent to capture the teenagers. Only Owen and Javier escaped, thanks to the talents they had acquired using the Animus, while Monroe disappeared. Upon getting to safety, the boys were unsure of what to do and decided to wait. While talking about their recent experiences, Owen pressed Javier on why he was being distanced, to which Javier came out to Owen.[1]

Around midday, they were approached by an Assassin who previously rescued Owen from an Abstergo agent, Griffin, who revealed that he found them thanks to the tracker in their Abstergo motorcycle, which he promptly ripped out. He then inquired as to what they were doing with Monroe, suspecting they were after a Piece of Eden. Earning a moment to talk privately, Javier refused to trust the Assassin but Owen, determined to rescue their friends, insisted they could trust the Creed and told Griffin what they had learned. When Griffin insisted they accompany him, Javier outright objected. Deducing that they had either Assassin or Templar ancestry, Griffin told them to use Eagle Vision to confirm whether he was trustworthy or not, which Owen performed.[1]

When Owen divulged that both he and Javier saw the dagger, Griffin said they'd be the best men to identify it. When Javier questioned why they should help him, Griffin named conquerors from across history who obtained Pieces of Eden and used them to gain power, threatening people's free will, hence why he wanted to hide it. Once assured of the confidence of the two teenagers, he promised the Brotherhood's help to prove the innocence of Owen's father.[1]

Javier and Owen accompanied Griffin to a storage locker, where the Assassins informed them of how the Brotherhood nearly went extinct in 2000 because of a Templar sleeper agent and how the Templars slaughtered even their defenseless families. After they equipping themselves with a variety of weapons, Griffin refused Owen's request to wear a Hidden Blade, saying he would have to swear allegiance to the Brotherhood and the Creed, which Javier found to be harsh.[1]

Javier and Owen then listen as Griffin received a video call from Gavin Banks telling him that the Dagger was actually one of the prongs of the Trident of Eden. They took a private plane as far as New York, and took the road to Grant's estate. However, a third party, whom they assumed to be Monroe, had outstripped them and had already left with the artefact, leaving the place totally empty. Before they left, three Abstergo helicopters landed near the estate. Despite Griffin's order not to engage, Owen destroyed two of them with an EMP grenade. Once they made it to safety, Griffin scolded Owen to disobeying his order and threatened to renege on his promise if it happened again. He then reminded that there were two prongs left to find and that Abstergo believes Javier and his friends to be the key to finding them. He offered them a choice to carry on, stating that he would die to defend their free will. Though Javier desired to drop out, Owen affirmed his commitment.[1]

The second prong

For the next few weeks, Griffin taught Javier and Owen basic combat and freerunning, before being forced to scuttle their safehouse, as the Assassin informant, Rothenburg, tipped them that a Templar strike team was on their way. This time, Griffin permitted them to engage, before they took a series of taxi cabs to evade the Templars to reach a new safehouse, where Rebecca Crane had set up an Animus for Owen.[2]

While Griffin was supervising Owen's Animus session, Griffin reluctantly let Javier leave the safe house, but the Javier stole his car to break into the police warehouse where Owen's father's case file was stored. Upon Javier's return, Griffin scolded him for risking their safe house's location and informed him of the three Tenets of the Creed, saying he was lucky he didn't compromise the Brotherhood. Though Javier protested that he was not an Assassin, Griffin stated that sooner or later a side would have to be chosen. Once Owen was out of the Animus, having learned nothing about the second prong's location, Griffin informed him of his friend's reckless actions. Owen soon searched through the evidence, eventually finding a spit sample that contained his father's DNA from after the robbery, though Griffin stated they would first have to get access to a Helix and the Abstergo Cloud to view his father's genetic memories.

Griffin then contacted Gavin for any intel from Rothenburg, only to learn that the informant had gone dark, leaving Griffin's only recourse to rescue the other teenagers from the Templar's. Owen and Javier insisted on coming with him, reasoning that the others would not trust the Assassin. After equipping themselves with pain grenades and laser arrays, Griffin drove them to the Aerie, where their friends were being kept, and taught them how to avoid the security systems. Unfortunately, just as Javier and Owen were able to zipline over the security grid, they were separated from Griffin as an alarm went off. Luckily, the two boys were able to get into the building by threatening a Templar named Cole before sedating her.

Eventually, Javier and Owen found their way to the garage, where they found Templars having cornered on Natalya and David. After a brief engagement, Owen was pinned down by gunfire, forcing Javier to leave him behind and he took his two friends to safety in a high-tech car belonging to the Templar Isaiah. Upon exiting the Aerie, they encountered Griffin, whom Javier passed the wheel to. They then learned that Monroe had also staged a rescue attempt and that he and Owen were left behind.

Upon returning to the safe house, Griffin desired to vacate the place immediately, believing Owen would be interrogated with drugs or have Helix analyze his DNA. He then contacted Gavin, who informed him that Rothenburg was displeased with the raid and had nearly broken off contact before revealing that Isaiah was planning an expedition to Mongolia. With their safe house secured for the time being and Isaiah not ready to leave for several days, Griffin asked Natalya if she would go back into the Animus to locate the second prong. Natalya agreed on the condition that he take them all to Mongolia. Though Griffin insisted it wasn't his call to make, Javier suggested she be allowed to talk to Gavin and assured his friend that the Assassin would keep his word. While they took a few hours to rest so Natalya could be ready for the Animus, Javier explained the whole reason for them being drawn into the Assassin-Templar war when Natalya took notice of Owen's father's casefile.

Javier, Griffin, Natalya and David traveled to China via cargo plane. While in flight, Griffin revealed to Javier that he had been discussing with Gavin to officially induct him into the Brotherhood. Javier was intrigued by the idea of joining an organization where he could belong and agreed to think on it.

When they arrived in China, they met with the Assassin Yanmei, who provided a private jet for the journey to Mongolia, on the way to the Tomb the jet was shot down by the Templars. Surviving the crash, the Assassins and the teenagers confirmed the location of the Abstergo camp. As they made their way to the tomb on foot, David went towards the Abstergo camp, believing a series of lights were signalling him that Grace was there but was captured by the Templars.

Upon reaching the spot where Natalya desynchronized, she still refused to give up the location of the tomb, refusing to trust the Assassins for their absolute obedience to the Creed. However, Yanmei manged to convince Natalya to lead them to the tomb. But as the Assassins started digging, Natalya tricked Javier into showing her how to operate his crossbow pistol before using sleep darts on the Assassins. Natalya manged to convince Javier to assist her in continuing the excavation, stating that the trident does not belong to the Assassins or Templars in the excavation before they were joined by Owen, Grace, David and Monroe, who had just escaped the Templar camp, and began assisting them.

As they caught up on what's been happening to them, Javier learned from Owen that Isaiah allowed him access to Helix to view his father's genetic memories with the spit sample, which showed the Assassins framing him. However, Monroe had insisted the memory was falsified to show Owen what he wanted to see, which Javier agreed with. Owen took it to mean that Javier was considering his father to be guilty, to which he protested he wouldn't have stolen the evidence if he didn't think otherwise.

Unfortunately, just as they managed to open the tomb, Isaiah turned up and took them captive. As he entered the tomb, the Assassin regained consciousness and attacked Isaiah, at which Javier used a smoke bomb to escape. Isaiah soon emerged from the tomb with the fear prong and used its power on everyone, declaring his defection from the Templar Order. Javier and Owen were the first to feel its power, the former hallucinating his family insulting him for his sexuality. Isaiah then killed Yanmei when she tried to attack him, before ordering all the Templars to follow him, leaving the teenagers and the Assassins.

Griffin carried Yanmei's body Upon reaching the Abstergo camp, Natalya felt regret for not telling the Assassins the tomb's location earlier, but Griffin reminded her that people die in war and that Yanmei would've respected her principles. Victoria arrived at the camp, Grace went to her with the rest of the teenagers but Griffin remained hidden. Having learned of Isaiah's betrayal she informed everyone that Isaiah had also acquired the first prong. The Templars drew their weapons upon hearing that the Assassins were present, but Natalya reasoned that both sides needed to work together before Isaiah destroyed both Orders, at which Griffin and Victoria agreed to a ceasefire until they defeated Isaiah and recover the third prong, which was in Scandanavia.


Javier was related to Shay Cormac who served the Templar Order during the Seven Years War and Cudgel Cormac who also served the Templar Order during the American Civil War.

Personality and characteristics

During his Animus session, Javier was confused by the feelings of his heterosexual ancestors, notably the physical attraction Chimalpopoca felt for Cortés' lover, the beautiful Marina.[1]

Javier possessed a reckless streak, as evidenced when he broke into the police warehouse for Owen's father's casefile.[2]

Initially distrusting the Assassins, slowly, Javier found a kinship with them, finding a measure of honor at how they singularly focus on their target and not indiscriminately kill innocent bystanders simply because they're in the way. Upon being offered membership in the Brotherhood, Javier considered joining them, believing the Assassins could provide him a place to belong, where he didn't need to hide his homosexuality.[2]

Equipment and skills

Thanks to the Bleeding Effect, Javier had gained his ancestor Cudgel Cormac's skills, which served him well during the search for the Trident of Eden. Additionally, he had learned basic combat and freerunning from Griffin.[2]

Upon joining the Assassins, Javier equipped himself with a crossbow pistol that shoots darts laced with a neurotoxin, knives and several types of grenades, as well as a specialized suit that hides his heat signature.[1]

Javier possesses Eagle Vision, though it is not as advanced or proficient as Owen's.[2]