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Jason stealing the Golden Fleece

Jason was a legendary figure in Greek mythology best known for being the leader of a group of heroes called the Argonauts.


At some point, Jason married Medea, who bore him two sons, Mermeros and Pheres. However, when Jason left them to court the daughter of King of Korinthia, Glauke, Medea slew the boys. Afterwards, Medea also gave Glauke a poisoned cape, which drove her to throw herself into a fountain in Korinth, named after her.[1]

At one point, Jason was sent by King Pelias to retrieve an object called the Golden Fleece, a mythical object of great power; in reality, it was a Piece of Eden known as the Shroud. Through the Shroud, he came into contact with Consus, a member of the First Civilization.[2][3]

Telamon, the father of the legendary hero Ajax, joined Jason on his journey to retrieve the Golden Fleece, as well as to kill the Kalydonian Boar.[1]


During the 5th century BCE an armor chest-piece known as Jason's Golden Fleece was attributed to him. Sometime during the Peloponnesian War it was found by the Spartan misthios Kassandra.[1]



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